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Results Don't Show Overnight with Digital Marketing - Here's Why

02/13/17, 10:52 AM
Alex Kastanas

Results Don't Show Overnight with Digital Marketing - Here's Why.jpg

We get it. You invested in a digital marketing plan and you want to see some results! Who wouldn’t?

Like we tell all our clients, digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a process that builds on itself and it doesn’t “work” overnight. No matter how effective the plan you have in place, you probably won’t wake up one morning to sky-high site visits and phones ringing off the hook. Patience is key; here’s why.

The Paid Search Dip
Pay-per-click ads seem pretty straightforward, right? What most clients don’t expect is that once they start bidding on keywords and clicks, their conversions may actually decrease before they increase! That’s because it takes time – as in, months – to fine-tune a PPC program and weed out non-performing keywords. The key is to see an upward trend, not an immediate bump.

SEO and Steady Wins the Race
Search engine optimization is the keystone of any effective digital marketing strategy, but boy can seeing results feel slow as molasses. As a general rule, it takes at least 4-6 months to start seeing real results from a SEO campaign, and those results build over time. Why? Mostly because it takes search engine “spiders” a long time to scan your site, index your keywords, and decide how relevant your information is to any given search.

It’s important, though, that “new school SEO” wisdom actually holds that your ranking for certain high-performing keywords isn’t actually what you should be paying attention to. Long-tail (read: detailed) keywords actually make up over 70% of searches and they usually bring with them better-performing leads. So after a few months, you might not notice your search rankings going through the roof, but you may be noticing an increase in search-driven business. This is why.

Good Content Takes Time to Create
Content marketing and digital marketing are practically synonymous; you can’t do one well without the other. Content marketing – the act of creating effective, conversional content for an online audience – isn’t a one-step process. It takes months of putting out relevant blog posts and useful social media conversations and authentic podcasts to build a holistic content marketing campaign that compliments your other digital efforts. Content marketing, like all things digital, is more than the sum of its parts.


If a digital marketer promises you overnight results, be suspicious. There will always be ways to get a quick lift or a lot of traffic, but ask yourself whether these tactics are sustainable or if they’re bringing you the kind of customers that actually convert. In most cases, a digital marketing strategy that sounds too good to be true…is.

Synchronicity’s team of digital marketing experts can help you build a lasting foundation online. From website design to social media management and beyond, your online marketing efforts should be pointed and purposeful. Give us a buzz.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas