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Pinterest & SEO | Not Just Recipes and Weddings

08/06/14, 3:08 PM

The top pinned categories on Pinterest include things like crafts, holidays & events, weddings, fashion, and recipes. About 80% of Pinners are women and spend an average of 89 minutes on the website (versus 21 on Twitter and 17 on LinkedIn). So if the categories and target market don’t apply to your business, why should your business still maintain a Pinterest for SEO?

Even if your industry does not fall into the usual suspects of categories pinned daily, Pinterest gives your SEO expansive reach by creating backlinks to your website. Each pin creates an additional link to your page, just like each Twitter link links back to your page.

Pinterest can increase your ROI. Even if your company is more focused on B2B and the overall pinning strategy, it’s important to note that not only do individual pins continually drive traffic months, even years, after they’re posted, but they also bring in an average of 78 cents per pin according to a study by Piquora.

You can optimize your Pinterest for SEO. Focus on crafting your username and about section to reflect your business brand, services, and products. What would your target audience search for? Make it easier for them to find you.

Fortune 100 companies such as Walmart, Honda, Verizon, HP, and Samsung use Pinterest. If you want to be one of the major players, you have to think like them. Start your Pinterest account with your company’s growth potential in mind and be open to using it as a strategic SEO tool.

For Sony, Pinterest drives 2.5 more traffic than their Twitter account. Why? Pinterest creates opportunity to engage the audience with contests or pinning products or ideas to their own board. Pinners can also email a pin through their Pinterest email or send the pin through their regular email platform. Pinterest’s high numbers of clicks for sharing generates over 400% more revenue per click than Twitter because the product linking to the site reaches a larger audience.

Social media can be overwhelming for businesses that are just starting out. Synchronicity Web Designs specializes in digital media marketing for our clients in addition to making creative, custom website designs. To get help with your SEO and digital marketing strategy, call us today: (704) 545-2868 or toll-free (866) 397-7962.

Randy Smith