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Megabites - Lunch & Learn Workshops

01/31/13, 7:35 PM

Megabites - Lunch & Learn are monthly workshops for business owners, marketing people, and others that would like to learn in simple, fun terms how tools such as social media, internet marketing, and quality web sites can help increase their business and ROI.

For only $29.95 per session Synchronicity's Randy Smith and Beth Anne Jackson provide a monthly 1 hour and a half open discussion framework designed to help you learn, understand, and share ideas with others. We translate geek-speak to understandable terms!

The next session is 11:30 am- 1:00 pm Friday, February 8 at Jonathan's Restaurant in Matthews, NC.


Learn more here: http://www.lunch2learn.net/

Register HERE: http://megabites.eventbrite.com/


Randy Smith