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Important Manufacturing Trends that Should Drive Your Marketing Efforts

08/07/17, 9:14 AM

Important Manufacturing Trends that Should Drive Your Marketing Efforts.jpeg

Manufacturers need to market, too.
In fact, marketing is all the more important for businesses with lower visibility. Manufacturers don’t get a lot of drive-by business and often build a geographically-diverse client base by offering one-of-a-kind industrial solutions.

What we’re saying is, marketing matters.

Synchronicity has worked with dozens of manufacturing clients to get their marketing just right. The manufacturing sector is in a period of rapid change, and it’s important to market with those changes in mind. Here are some manufacturing trends we think should inform your marketing strategy.

Analytics Technology is Improving
In today’s world, technology and manufacturing go hand-in-hand. By upgrading their ability to analyze data surrounding everything from shipping to new customer acquisition, manufacturers are better able to prioritize spending and plan for the future. No aspect of marketing provides more analytical capabilities than digital marketing, which is why it’s such a perfect complement to a holistic business development strategy.

Talent Acquisition is Changing
Manufacturing isn’t regarded as the youngest industry but that perception is changing. As younger skilled professionals seek work, manufacturers must find a way to stand out in a sea of online job posts. More and more, manufacturers are turning to on-site Careers sections to mine the kind of talent they’re looking for. Online job postings have the added benefit of screening applicants upfront to ensure they’re capable of navigating the digital landscape.

Increasing Specialization
To succeed in today’s market, manufacturers must identify a niche and fill it well. Thankfully, manufacturers with incredibly specific value-adds have an ideally-suited marketing platform at the ready: The Internet. Digital marketing presents an unprecedented opportunity to manufacturers that specialize to expand what would otherwise be a limited audience. Speaking to specialization, not running from it, is what is setting today’s manufacturers apart.

The “Internet of Things” is Here
On today’s factory floor, everything is imbued with a barcode, machines are communicating with each other, and data is being remotely captured. Upgraded digital technology on the backend helps to streamline processes, but it also creates the foundation for a successful e-commerce platform. When products are trackable, they’re marketable.

Knowing what makes a marketing effort successful doesn’t require a crystal ball. Research and experience are the best place to start; no one knows the manufacturing business like Sync.

Are you doing enough to market your manufacturing business? Give our digital marketing team a call today to talk about how you can generate more leads and land more customers.

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