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Why You Should Work With a Local Web Design Company

06/16/17, 9:12 AM

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It’s time to pick a website designer.

Should you call up a big-name design firm or should you work with a local web design company?

Well, you can guess our opinion: The local web design company wins every time! We’re biased, yes, but hear us out.

First of all, web design is an inherently personal undertaking. Good design isn’t just lines of code and stock photos, it’s about getting to know your business and, in turn, understanding your needs, challenges, and goals as a company. Web design is just a piece in the puzzle of an effective branding and marketing effort. It works so much better when your designer knows the ins and outs of your business.

Why is a local web design company so much more equipped to do this than a big-box firm? A myriad of reasons.

PERSONAL ATTENTION: The biggest benefit of working with a boutique firm is the level of attention your business will receive. At a local design company, you’re likely to meet with the president, the head of design, and a dedicated copywriter, all interested in the success of your business.

IN-PERSON MEETINGS: A lot can be learned from a face-to-face meeting! Conference calls, while valuable, shouldn’t be the only basis of a creative working relationship. When you work with a local web design company you can count on in-person meetings initially and at any point you all deem necessary.

ACCESS: How frustrating is it to need an answer to a specific question only to get stuck inside a phone tree when you call for help? The benefit of having your entire design team in a concentrated place is that you can reach someone when you need them. Not their area of expertise? Spontaneous problem-solving with the entire office, on the spot. Now that’s service.

In addition to the personal attention you’ll receive from a local web design company, consider the benefit of specialization. What do we mean? Well, boutique creative firms tend to specialize in a market or area in which they’ve got a lot of experience. Are you a manufacturing company that needs a new website? Your best bet for driving qualified leads is a local web design company specializing in manufacturing firms.

Big firms are inherently generalist. And that’s okay! Some businesses don’t need anything specific and a one-size-fit-all approach will do just fine. If your industry is a little different and your clients are harder to reach, you need a specialist.

Sync is your local web design company in Charlotte. And Vermont. And…well, you get the idea. We’re just around the corner when you’re ready to create a website – and a digital marketing plan! – to be proud of.

Give us a call.

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