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    Lead Nurturing 101 for Manufacturers

    Posted by Synchronicity on Nov 1, 2017 9:23:00 AM


    You’ve got lead generation for your manufacturing down pat by now, right?

    If not…Sync can help!

    But once you generate the leads, is your digital marketing strategy nurturing them? Leads are like smoldering embers. They must be stoked, fanned, and fed until they become a fire. Lots of factors can extinguish your budding flame: rain, humidity, rogue animals…so you’ve got to work consistently to keep it alive.

    Okay, that’s a silly metaphor. But you get the point.

    Why is lead generation so important for manufacturers?
    Properly cultivating a lead improves your company’s relationship with its prospects. It’s good for your overall branding efforts. When implemented strategically, lead nurturing shortens the sales cycle and creates predictable, measurable results. Lead nurturing increases your marketing ROI.

    So, what exactly is lead nurturing?
    Great question. Every business nurtures its leads differently! The overall point is to pull the (potential) buyer through the purchasing funnel using a series of targeted multifaceted marketing efforts. For it to work, the buyer must be just as interested in continuing their journey as you are in moving them along. That’s why an effective lead nurturing campaign includes lots of proven tactics intended specifically for that target audience. What does this look like?

    • A well-timed drip email campaign that sends automated, highly-targeted email messages to new leads at various times throughout the year
    • A Facebook post with an offer (i.e. “Free Consultation!”) leading click-throughs to a targeted landing page designed to convert.
    • A downloadable E-Book as a “reward” for signing up for an email newsletter; the E-Book itself highlights pain points the buyer might have and incentivizes them to call in.

    How do you know if lead nurturing is working?
    Another great question! The best thing about digital marketing is that it’s data-driven. Especially if your marketer is working with a specific inbound sales software such as Hubspot, leads can be tracked and quantified from day one. Hubspot gives marketers the opportunity to “rate” leads based on where they are in the purchasing funnel. A 5 lead is barely warm; a 75 lead is close to becoming a sale.

    Lead nurturing that works meets the lead where it is. A lead that scores a 5 shouldn’t be served the same messaging as the lead that’s rated a 75. The lower level lead is going to need a lot more nurturing – perhaps more emails, or more content that convinces them they have a problem your business can solve. Lead nurturing campaigns aren’t one-size-fits-all. It pays to spend time delving into the distinctions between the kinds of leads you find yourself with.

    Why is lead nurturing different for manufacturers?
    Manufacturers face a bit of an uphill battle because their products and services are often nuanced or incredibly specific. On the plus side, the audience for manufacturing businesses is highly-targeted and usually comes to the table relatively informed. Because manufacturers usually skew more B2B than B2C, each lead is generally more valuable and provides better ROI when converted, so nurturing them properly is of utmost importance. Manufacturers shouldn’t expect a high quantity of leads, but they should expect high quality leads.

    Are your leads converting? If not, there may be a hiccup within your lead nurturing process. Synchronicity is happy to help you identify how to turn leads into sales.

    Give our team a call today to get started with your own customized plan. 

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