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Instagram or Snapchat? Social Media Trend Update Summer 2017

07/14/17, 9:19 AM

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The social media landscape is ever-changing.

Smart social marketers have to stay on top of trends and standouts to know how to effectively communicate their clients’ messages. It’s just what we do!

In addition to being a digital marketing company, Synchronicity is also your social media expert. We always know what’s worth your time and which social shifts to pay attention to, because effective social media marketing is an important part of any digital media plan. Here’s what we’re telling our clients to watch.

Instagram Takes a Swipe at Snapchat
Instagram and Snapchat – two of the fastest-growing social media platforms today – are competing to lure advertisers in. Both platforms are ideal vehicles for reaching youthful influencers, particularly through visuals, and Snapchat released ads several years ago to mixed results. Instagram just announced they’ll be offering advertisers free trials of its ad products, further segmenting the dwindling spate of marketers still investing in Snapchat. Is Instagram advertising (still) the Next Big Thing in social media marketing? Maybe.

Video Killed the…Everything
Video is still king on social. More video content is uploaded to the internet every 30 days than TV networks have created in 30 years. Instagram is working on improving its “Live Stories Feature” and Facebook Live is considered the new wave in online communication. Video for Twitter is getting easier than ever to execute thanks to video-specific embed codes, and videos on the platform are watched 220 times more than they were just one year ago in large part because of automatic play. Video is the future.

Marketing Automation Matters
Social is about quality, yes, but it’s also about quantity. Marketers are discovering new ways to automate social content around the clock to increase engagement and up their impressions. In recent studies, marketers using automation software like HubSpot for more than two years reported 74% better content and messaging publishing, and 80% saw an increase in their leads. Unfortunately for SnapChat, it is the only platform left without automation capability and to reach the next level in the crowded, noisy environment of social media, more and more businesses are turning to automation.

There are, of course, hundreds of cool things going on every day in the world of social. Chatbots, augmented reality, expiring social content…all of it makes for a robust marketing environment, but it doesn’t all make sense for our clients.

Sync specializes in creating compelling social strategies for small- to medium-sized businesses, particularly in manufacturing. Wondering how today’s social news impacts your business? We’re here to help.

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