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3 Reasons to Use Hashtags on Social Media

05/24/17, 9:44 AM
Alex Kastanas

3 Reasons to Use Hashtags on Social Media.png

Hashtags are ubiquitous. They’ve infiltrated Twitter, have taken over Insta, and some people even use them in spoken conversation.

But do you need them?

If you’ve got a social media strategy, you need to know how to effectively use hashtags for your brand’s benefit. They don’t just boost your searchability, they help categorize your business so your customers can find you easily. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here are three reasons you need to be using hashtags for business on social media.

  1. Hashtags are the best way to target an audience.
    When it comes to narrowing down an intended audience for social content, hashtags are your single best tool. Among social networks that “stream” content to users (think: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), hashtags give your content a spot on the map and make it relevant to users searching for something specific. Target everyone searching for information on #HVAC systems, for example, or anyone who might be searching for city or neighborhood specific info via #CharlotteHVACrepair or #Mooresvilleairconditioning. With thousands upon thousands of new updates filtering through users’ feeds every day, hashtags are how your business gets found.

  2. Hashtags make your content (and your competitors) trackable.
    In the nebulous arena of social media marketing, hashtags serve as a data point. When filtered through specific analytical programs, you can find out useful information on your hashtagged posts: How often they get shared, who’s clicking on them, and whether or not your hashtags are converting. Not only that, but hashtags actually allow you to keep an eye on your competitors and their direct interaction with customers. Searching a rival’s hashtags (i.e. #TheirBusinessName or #ACMECompanyComplaints) can reveal what kind of feedback their business is getting, giving you an edge. You can also keep tabs on which submarkets their business is having success in, piggybacking your own social content.

  3. Hashtags allow you to promote an idea, campaign, or contest.
    Hashtags are the cornerstone of most things “viral.” By tagging related posts with the same creative hashtag, you link together ideas for your audience. Consider big brands that use hashtags to promote a contest or campaign, like Lays potato chips. Their recent #DoUsAFlavor contest was a hit on social because the hashtag was memorable, specific, and not too promotional. Great hashtags invite engagement and re-posting, and they give something back to the consumer.

Unsure how to use hashtags correctly?

There are certainly Dos and Don’ts when it comes to effectively using ‘tags without annoying your audience. The social media experts at Synchronicity can help. Give our team a buzz today to talk about your social strategy and #FindOutHowToUseHashtagsOnceAndForAll.
(Okay, that one needs some work.)

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas