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IMCS New Project Launch Announcement

Posted by Synchronicity on Nov 16, 2017 8:26:00 AM

Welcome to the Sync Family, IMCS!


Sync is incredibly excited to announce the launch of the all-new! We’re so proud of this project, a collaboration with our clients at Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, LLC. “IMCS,” as they’re known, are excited to continue building their brand foundation through continued work with Sync’s digital marketing team.

About the Project

IMCS is a biotechnology company “advancing the science of precision medicine.” We know! We were impressed, too! Their products help labs and researchers segment samples for genetic sequencing and even drug testing; they’re as revolutionary as they are innovative.

In October 2016, IMCS moved into a new, state-of-the-art biotechnology center in Midlands, South Carolina. Soon after, they contacted Sync for a re-brand and re-build of their existing website which they’d quickly outgrown. Their new website is clean, modern, and incredibly user-friendly.

Challenges & Objectives

IMCS wanted to focus on widening their reach and humanizing their products. In a field like biotech, jargon and technical details can sometimes obscure the marketing mission. At its core, IMCS is still a medical technology company looking to make meaningful connections with labs, suppliers, and researchers who will ultimately purchase their product(s).

Awareness was a huge concern going in. Sync knew we needed to find a way to introduce IMCS’s flagship products – IMCStips and IMCSzyme – to the uninitiated in a way that was both technically-correct yet approachable. We did so using clean graphics, conversational language, and responsive design.

The End Result

Today, is streamlined with clear calls-to-action on each and every page. Utilizing a contemporary “hamburger” navigation allows for a graphic, scrollable user experience. The IMCS logo stands out better than ever before. We’re excited that the new website reinforces IMCS’s specific branding objectives.

In addition to a one-time website revamp, Sync is also helping IMCS with an ongoing digital marketing strategy. From industry-relevant blog posts to sales tracking, we wanted to create a lead generation engine for IMCS that allowed them to forget about selling and focus on biotechnology innovation. Because, well, we think what they’re doing is pretty important.


We think you’re really going to love the new site.  
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