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    How will SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help my business?

    Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 15, 2014 10:17:07 AM

    This is a question we hear often from our potential clients. Many businesses are hesitant to begin any kind of new marketing, especially Search Engine Optimization. And that is not because SEO doesn't work, but it is because SEO seems like a mystery to most. Let us at Synchronicity raise the veil on SEO! We can easily tell you how SEO will help your business, and give you specifics as to what actions we will take in our SEO plan.

    First off...its not SEO, but Digital Marketing.

    Digital Marketing is a better term to describe what we do with our Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not meant to be a magical force that somehow brings your website to the top of the search results, but a form of marketing that brings your website in visitors and leads. Our Digital Marketing services will help you rank online in an ethical manner, meaning we keep up to date on all SEO techniques approved by Google, and will only use ethical ranking methods to better your website and your business.

    Its all about leads, not just website visits. Quality over Quantity.
    When we optimize your website, we are not looking to get your business website visitors, but website leads. We want your business to be successful. Just like other sales funnels or strategy funnels most businesses rely on, we use a website and lead funnel strategy. We want your business to get X amount of website visitors that will then convert into X amount of leads and then its up to your sales team to get the X amount of sales. This funnel only works when quality visitors come to your website. You could have a website that gets 10000000 hits, but if they are not quality visits, maybe you would generate only 2 - 3 leads. However, with a customized SEO and Digital Marketing strategy in place, you could have lower website visitors but higher conversion rates!

    If you are ready to launch your business to the next level online, contact us at Synchronicity Web Designs. We are located in Charlotte NC and help all types of businesses, schools, enterprises and more formulate the perfect SEO and Digital Marketing strategy for their specific needs and goals. We can help show you how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will benefit your business and help your business grow to its next level (and beyond!)

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