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    How to Use Your Company's Blog as a Lead Generation Tool

    Posted by Synchronicity on Nov 7, 2017 9:07:00 AM

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    Your company website needs a blog.

    Don’t believe us? Consider this.

    53% of marketers say that blog content creation is their #1 inbound marketing priority. (Source)
    90% of blog leads come from old, “evergreen” blog posts. (
    81% of online consumers in the U.S. trust information they get from blogs. (

    Your company’s blog is one of the most important lead generation tools it has. People read blogs, and almost just as importantly, so do search engines. Here’s how you should be using your business blog as a lead generator.

    Answer Unasked Questions
    The best way to use blog content is to answer questions your audience didn’t know they had. By taking a deep-dive into a niche or super-specific subject, your business grows its own authority and increases its chance to rank for “longtail” search queries. If your industry is crowded or nuanced, it’s even more important to address potential client questions on your blog. Just make sure each of your blog posts includes clear, accessible calls-to-action to capture the leads they’re creating.

    Humanize Your Company
    Blogs are a great place to create engaging, personal content for your audience. Some of the most-shared corporate blog posts are those that break the barrier between what’s “personal” and what’s “professional.” Online consumers hate to feel like they’re being marketed to; what they want is a brand they can know and trust – they ascribe brands “personalities” whether they intend to or not! Use your blog to introduce team members and invite conversations to take place on a separate platform.

    Blogs as Gateway Content
    Because blogs are so ideal for sharing on social platforms and for garnering organic search traffic, they’re the perfect gateway for lead generating content. Consider using a blog to pose a very detailed question or take a high view on a subject that needs more explanation. By integrating calls-to-action leading readers to gated content – maybe a free eBook download with an email address input, for example – you can use your posts to “warm” up a potential lead.

    Offer Exclusive Content
    Every blog your company writes doesn’t necessarily have to be publicly available. As a lead generation strategy, exclusive blog content (promoted on social or through long-tail search terms) is a smart way to capture prospects. When you know your target you can angle blog content specifically towards what they’re looking for…when they click through to your blog, they’re invited to sign up to receive even more exclusive content along the same vein. If you’re already striking a chord with your content, leads are more likely to move themselves further down the purchasing funnel as you offer more.

    Are you maximizing the utility of your blog? It’s a lead generation tool that’s free, that’s customizable, and that’s totally unique to your business. If you’re not milking your business blog for everything it’s worth, it’s time to call Sync.

    Reach out to us today to talk blog strategy.



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