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How to Use Social Media to Drive Lead Generation for Industrial Businesses

10/24/17, 9:02 AM


Social media?
For your industrial business?

You heard us right. Social media isn’t just useful for hashtagging throwback pics or sharing updates on your band. Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users. LinkedIn gains two new professional members per second. Over a quarter of Americans use Twitter.

You can’t keep ignoring social media for your business, industrial or not.

The way to optimize the benefits of social is different for every business; that’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified digital marketer who can analyze, test, and initiate results. Here are some suggestions from your favorite industrial marketer, Sync, on how to drive lead generation for your industrial business via social.

Start a Conversation
Is your social audience small? You have to start somewhere. Even if you’re talking one-on-one, social is the best place to be when you want to talk to your target market. Ask questions, solicit feedback, and don’t be afraid of a little constructive criticism. Understand that social media is half putting out your own message and half listening to others’.

Create Great Content
Social platforms are the ideal way to disseminate content relevant to your business. Use content (i.e. blog posts, infographics, video) to boost your industrial business’ brand awareness, but also to answer questions and drive conversations about industry topics. Content works best when it’s giving your audience something they want…for industrial companies, that often means information. Information on products, services, troubleshooting, and other hot-button topics can make your brand stand out.

Build a Contact List
Your social media profiles can act as “gateways” for other means of communication with your audience. Use social to incentivize potential customers to stay in touch. An example: Offer a useful industry eBook in exchange for a consumer’s email address. Once you capture that customer’s information, they’re already a qualified lead.

Promote Partnerships
Remember, social media isn’t just useful for B2C brands. Many industrial businesses are B2B – that doesn’t make your brand unsuitable to social! All the other brands that matter are on social media, too, and its platforms make for low-risk, casual interactions between you and other companies. Once you begin forming relationships with other industry brands, leads can bloom from shared email lists, referrals, actual partnerships, and many other avenues.

Social media marketing is what you make of it. It’s a discipline that offers industrial businesses real rewards when used well but doing so takes work. Time, effort, and consistency are key to driving social engagement with your audience.

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