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How to Use Digital Marketing to Get the Edge on Competitors

09/13/17, 9:02 AM


Is digital marketing the edge you need to finally top your competitors?

Whether you’re a new business in an established industry or a decades-old company looking for a marketing boost, digital is where you should be concentrating your efforts. Here are a few ways to harness the power of digital for your advantage, beating your competitors at their own game.

Fill the Gaps
Are your competitors marketing online? If not, your job is even easier. If other businesses in your industry aren’t using display ads, social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing, there’s a huge void in the market ready for the taking. Statistics prove that today’s customers don’t want to be sold to…they want to be informed. A strategic online marketing campaign can do just that, educating your customers and pushing them further down the purchasing funnel.

Grow Your Brand Presence
There’s significant intrinsic value to being seen as an industry “leader.” Particularly if your business is in a complex or nuanced field, developing a brand that’s based on knowledge and expertise can go a long way towards creating loyal customers. Branding isn’t just about logos and color schemes, it’s about creating a personality for your business that customers can relate to. You want customers to recognize your brand for its thought-leadership and ability to stay current.

Create an SEO Footprint
As we’ve discussed before, SEO is a long game. Successful search engine optimization isn’t a checklist and it’s not something you do overnight. If you want to beat your competitors in search rankings, the time to start is yesterday. Going after long-tail keywords that drive warm leads is a great start, as is building a repertoire of informational content on your website that helps your business rank. Even if your customers don’t buy online, they search online. Be sure your business is what they find when they’re looking.

Create Conversion Points
Maybe your competitors have a website, but are they actually marketing? Highlighting conversion points for your customers using calls to action and other lead generating components literally creates intentioned consumers. The worst thing in the world is an informed customer who logs off before submitting their information, and your digital marketing strategy should focus on converting the leads you bring in (whether that means an online purchase or a phone call to sales.) Check out your competitors’ websites; do they have a strong call to action on every page? You should.

Sync can help you get ahead.

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