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How to Tell If You’re Paying Too Much or Too Little for Your Digital Marketing

Posted by Synchronicity on Jun 20, 2019 1:17:00 PM



Even though there has been an explosion of marketing services, many manufacturing companies still pay too much or little for their digital marketing. Since marketing is a long-term endeavour, your initiatives, goals and marketing tactics need to be better consistently over time. Overpaying or underpaying for digital marketing has the potential to permanently curtail a business. Whereas overpaying depletes a company's operating funds, underpaying causes a company to lose customers to rival businesses.


Unmonitored Advertising

Digital advertising is an excellent way of gaining instant leads for a business, but it is easy to overpay if you are not monitoring and poorly managing your advertising dollars. Between social media advertising such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Google display ads, you could be spending a fortune very quickly to see only a small uptick in your website traffic. Digital advertising is a means to drive quality leads for a specific purpose in which you can quantify the return on investment for your efforts. Spending too little for advertising will not create an impact to your business. There is a low point where it would not make sense to invest if you do not have an appropriate budget. Spending too much becomes a reflection of poor management by having a high cost per lead.

Digital advertising should not be a “set and forget” type of marketing tactic. It requires weekly if not daily management to make sure the value you are spending matches the value you are receiving.


Your Content Marketing Is Not Working

If you are implementing content marketing and it is not working, chances are you are underpaying for the services. Invest in experts that can cater your content specifically to your industry and the needs of your target audience. The key element to content creation is copywriting. The information written has to be SMART; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. If your content is not converting leads, the context is probably not resonating with your audience.

It is just as easy to overpay as it is to underpay for quality content. The information that you are putting out in your industry should be informative, resourceful and helpful to a purchasing decision. The perception of creating content could seem like an easy one, but it is more time consuming than anything. To have an effective content marketing strategy, it only begins with content. Website design, SEO, landing pages, email marketing and sales participation are all needed to be successful. All these aspects should work together in harmony to ensure your website earns the business the exposure it requires to thrive.

In the manufacturing industry, digital content is not as popular as traditional marketing methods. However, you have to allocate the resources to ensure you stand out in a competitive marketplace where digital content is important. Once you establish yourself as a credible source of information, you become a trusted advisor with products that you offer as well as across the products and services within the industry.


Get Back On Track

Overpaying or underpaying for marketing services can severely cause damaging setbacks to your business. Having the right resources requires not only tangible deliverables of beautiful graphics, eBooks and a seamless website. It requires time, strategy, monitoring and analytics to ensure that you will have positive results. Hiring an expert to handle your digital marketing needs is in your best interest because agencies like Synchronicity have all of the resources and knowledge to optimize your efforts. Whether we are assisting your marketing team or act as your marketing department, we specialize in the manufacturing industry to create quality content that converts. With our performance based marketing model, our success is your success.


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