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    How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Content

    Posted by Synchronicity on Mar 9, 2018 9:03:00 AM



    Content means something different online than it does in the real world. Online content is what the internet is built on…if you’re a business, your digital strategy must include content creation in order for you to compete online.

    But simply creating content isn’t enough. What are some of the most common content problems businesses face when it comes to talking to their audience? Sync takes a look.


    Content Problem: There’s no strategy behind the creation.

    Yes, creating content is good. Your site needs new content – blogs, landing pages, e-books, videos, etc. – updated continuously to stay relevant to both customers and search engines. But content without a strategy behind it is just noise, and isn’t the internet already noisy enough?

    Content plans should depend on your overall digital/SEO strategy, and every piece of content you create should serve a purpose. Ideally, that purpose will be driving your customers towards conversion, but not necessarily right then and there. Content should inform, it should entertain, it should speak directly to a pointed audience. When creating content, don’t think about what you want to say, think about what your customer wants to know. Now, how does that fit into the rest of your plan?


    Content Problem: Your content is thin.

    Not, like, Weight Watchers thin, but thin in that it doesn’t serve your audience’s needs and/or satisfy search engines. The trend in SEO right now is towards longer, denser content, and that’s great news for you! You’re an expert at your industry niche…use that knowledge to your advantage by creating a wealth of resources for potential clients online.

    Some companies resist “putting too much out there” because they don’t want to give away all their secrets. The thing is, there’s almost nothing you can’t already find on the internet! What (real) prospective customers are looking for isn’t a DIY solution…the ones that become clients are looking for an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing. Your content should be a big neon sign pointing back to you in that regard.


    Content Problem: You’re not creating content at all.

    Oof. The only thing worse than creating content all willy-nilly is neglecting to create any new content on your website. If you don’t put out content, you’re not actively marketing your business’ online presence; inbound marketing is easily the most important, most underutilized way to bring in new business that exists today.

    Content creation needs to be part of your priority list. An on-site blog is a great place to start but remember that your website’s static content – the stuff that doesn’t change often – needs to be great from the beginning, too. If you’ve got duplicate content on your website, fix it now (yesterday would be better), and if you think writing is worse than a root canal? Think outside the box and consider how you can use video or even social media to make your site more dynamic.


    Or you could just call Synchronicity. We’re experts in creating SEO-friendly, inbound-lead-generating content for B2B and B2C companies online. We’ve got our own in-house content creation team who understands how to voice your brand on the web.


    Yeah, it’s that easy.
    Call us today.

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    Randy Smith brings both an extensive creative and sales background to the world of digital marketing. As the founder of Synchronicity he has been rattling the foundations of traditional business methods for over 20 years and using his lifelong entrepreneurial savvy to successfully help businesses grow their sales and marketing. He is also a Billboard and international award winning musician, recording 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the US and Canada.