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    How to Set Up Social Media Accounts For Your Business

    Posted by Synchronicity on Apr 22, 2017 11:00:00 AM

    Starting from scratch with digital marketing for your business can be intimidating. You may not know the steps you should take to begin and you may not know how to set realistic expectations which can cause you to become frustrated and not trust in the process. By using social media, your business will be able to gain exposure to potential new clients. But, how and what platforms should you set up and what guidelines should you follow? 



    When you set up your business’ Facebook account, you want to be sure you create a business page, rather than a standard personal page. On your business profile, include a bio that explains the business and offered services. Be sure to add your email address, phone number, and website so you can create a page that helps generate leads. You also want to have pictures and engaging content that will draw people in and get them to interact with your brand. Facebook is the biggest social media network, don’t underutilize this account!


    Unlike the other social media platforms, Twitter does not have profile to distinguish between business and personal profiles. However, while you may not have to go about learning different settings, you still have to put in the effort to run the account. Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, you should aim to have messages that are both intriguing and impactful. And, don’t forget, customer engagement is key.


    LinkedIn is considered the most “professional” way to reach people, where you cannot use a personal profile as a business profile. LinkedIn for Business shows those who view your profile information on your company’s size, type, industry, year founded, location, operating status and more. People are also able to send your company messages and like and share your posts, much like Facebook. On LinkedIn, you can also post about any open positions you may have at your company.


    Instagram can be tricky since it’s a picture based platform, but that’s no need to worry. With Instagram for businesses, customers and clients are call, email, and find directions to your business straight from your profile; ensure you have the correct, up-to-date information so you’re able to be reached. Your bio should include what you do and don’t be afraid to use relevant #hashtags. They help you reach different people that may not see you otherwise. You will also want to use good quality pictures and videos that relate to your brand and will engage your customers for optimal results.


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