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How to Reach Your Customers Through Brand Video

03/14/17, 9:46 AM
Alex Kastanas

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How many videos would you guess people are watching just on Facebook every day? Would you believe it’s 8 billion? Video marketing is the single fastest-growing segment in digital, and for good reason. Studies show that video converts better, captures more impressions, and has better brand recall than almost any other medium.

Why Your Customers Love Brand Videos
Your customers – especially Millennials and younger – are looking online to find useful information about the brands they patronize. And that’s not just limited to business hours and shipping rates; today’s consumer wants to know what a brand stands for and who’s really behind the business. In an increasingly transparent online marketplace, consumers are looking for authenticity. It doesn’t get much more authentic than branded video.

4 Types of Branded Video
There are many different ways to use video to reach your customers. Branded video takes a lot of forms, and these are the four most common:

  • Vlog: It’s a blog, but in video. A way your brand can casually discuss hyper-relevant industry topics without a lot of unnecessary pomp and circumstance.
  • Social Video: Some social platforms are built specifically for video, like Snapchat. Brands are creating length-constrained videos just for social media channels that don’t even need sound to be enjoyed.
  • Presentations: These are more like traditional ads; they’re usually scripted or stylized and can even contain elements of graphic design.
  • Live: Live video feeds may just be the future of digital marketing. They give customers an inarguably candid look inside your business and its people.


How to Use Video to Reach Your Audience
Before you hit the “record” button, you’ve got to know your intended audience. By understanding your target market you can tailor your video content to what they’re interested in: FAQs, demonstrations, or Q&A. Next, the logistics of your video should take shape. When it comes to branded video on social, quantity beats out quality. For video that lives permanently on your website? Choose quality every time. At a loss about what to say in your first branded video? You probably want to craft a campaign – however loose – so you can measure results. A good digital marketing agency can help.

Brand videos are just one of the ways Synchronicity helps our clients succeed online. Need help figuring out how to craft a campaign, or even identifying your target market? We’re ready.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas