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    How to Keep Your Website Security Up-to-Date

    Posted by Synchronicity on May 1, 2018 11:07:22 AM



    Protect your customers’ information!
    Secure your data!
    Pull up the drawbridge!

    Okay, maybe not that last one.
    Keeping your website secure – both for the benefit of your business and your customers – is one of your primary responsibilities as a business owner. This is especially true if you’re an ecommerce business or a company that stores or transfers potentially sensitive information over the web.

    What can you do to stay on top of today’s always-changing security concerns?


    Update Your Software

    If your website’s hosting is managed offsite, you don’t need to worry too much about up-to-date software as your hosting company probably has it under control. But remember, like anything else, cheap hosting is cheap for a reason. If you’re using a CRM like most online businesses do, you can count on prompted security updates regularly…but you should also be mindful of any specific issues or patches that pop up.

    Shore Up Your Firewall

    Maybe that drawbridge isn’t a bad idea? Your website is a fortress; the more layers of protection around it, the harder it is to attack. The first line of defense for your site is its firewall, specifically a Web Application firewall designed to inspect all incoming traffic to your site. Today’s WA firewalls are even available over the cloud.

    Switch to HTTPS

    If your site wasn’t built on HTTPS protocol (that is, hyper text transfer protocol secure – catchy, right!?), it’s unnecessarily vulnerable. All modern websites should have added layers of encryption to protect their data and their customers’ data from malicious attempts to gain access. If you conduct transactions over your website, you must be install an SSL certificate.


    Keep Access Tight

    Only the people who really, truly need it should have access to your website or server. That’s not because you shouldn’t trust your employees – you should! – it’s because every point of entry becomes a vulnerability when you’re talking about malicious intent. Keep tabs on who has administrator access and for goodness sakes, change those passwords.


    Stay Vigilant

    Online security is not “set it and forget it.” If you get complacent, bad actors will find a way to use your weak spots against you. Security is a critical component of any ongoing digital strategy and remember, the more visible your site becomes (yay, new customers!) the more susceptible it is to attack. Stay informed and engaged.

    It’s a Big, Bad world out there. (“Out there” being on the internet.) All it takes is one oversight to create the kind of environment rife for breaching. There have been over 9 billion data breaches in the last five years alone. Your website and in fact, your business, can’t afford to be part of that statistic.


    Is your site secure?
    Do you know?

    If it’s been a while since you updated your website in any meaningful way, it’s time to contact Sync. Let’s land you new business without compromising your website’s safety to do it.



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