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"How Do I Get to the First Page of Google?:” SEO Questions Not to Ask

08/21/17, 10:05 AM

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What’s the point of an SEO strategy if not to get your website to the top of the Google search results?

That is, of course, the ultimate goal.
But asking, “How do I get my business website to the first page of Google?” is like asking, “How do I live to 100?” It’s a question made up of a million other questions…a more actionable query would be, then, “How do I improve my cardiovascular health?” or “Would daily meditation positively impact my mental state?”

….Now we’re off track.

Let’s talk about why, “How can I get to the first page of Google?” is a question you should never ask an SEO professional. First, know that no one is the top search result for all keywords. A better question to start with would be, “How do I start ranking higher for X keyword and Y keyword?” or, before that, “What do people who buy my product actually search for before they purchase?”

Let’s also note: The SEO process is a layered one. That means that there is no one-step solution to immediately ranking “at the top.” If there were, everyone would do it. Successful, sustainable SEO strategies start on-site in elements like the Meta Data and sitemap. Every page should have a good foundation for SEO. From there, you can start thinking about the next layer: Content. Strong search placement happens gradually as Google begins to recognize your site for informational, relevant content. Landing pages, white papers, blog posts…yeah, they’ll all help you get higher Google rankings.

“Well,” you’re saying… “That sounds like a lot of work!”
It is. SEO is a marketing discipline all its own, and it takes a lot of planning, analyzing, and testing to be successful. It’s a field that is constantly changing and there are no silver bullets. Successful digital marketing requires a solid foundation in SEO strategy.

That’s why – and if you hear one thing we say here, let it be this – you should never, ever trust someone who tells you they can “guarantee!” you end up on the first page of Google.

There are no guarantees! That’s like a lawyer telling you they are 100% certain you will win a case or an athletic trainer boasting their runner will win a race without question. If someone guarantees you specific search result placement, they’re selling you. Don’t be sold.

Educate yourself on what it takes to rise in the search rankings and, better yet, what you should be getting out of an SEO plan. All the clicks in the world aren’t worth anything if they don’t convert. Maybe your goal shouldn’t just be to “rank higher,” but to “bring in more-qualified leads.”

That’s a nugget for thought, huh?

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