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    How to Get the Most Out of Your Hubspot CRM

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jan 29, 2019 9:03:00 AM

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    Many businesses are new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and aren't always sure where to start. Even if you have some experience with CRM, you may not be familiar with how HubSpot's software can help you or wonder if it is worth the trouble. The answer, of course, is yes. HubSpot can help transform the way that you manage your relationships and help you deepen them to create repeat sales. This page will give you an overview of how, and why, you need to start using HubSpot as your go-to CRM solution.


    Creating and Managing a Better Customer Experience

    Customers aren't all the same, and a CRM helps you by giving you a full view of the sales pipeline, complete with historical data. This knowledge means you know who you (or your sales representatives) have contacted, what products or services they have already bought, and how many calls or emails have been sent to a customer.

    The information you collect on customers is more robust than merely how many times you've emailed or called. You can also discover details about which blog posts they respond to most often. You have information on which emails or documents they've opened and read, as well as other vital information about their company, such as size or location.

    All of this information makes it easy to personalize your messaging, creating laser-targeted ads, offers, and even coupons.

    You can also keep your information on your customers up-to-date easily, changing the names and roles within your database as you learn about them. All the while, your customer starts to feel like they know you as well as you know them.

    Any contact, whether it's as a prospect or an aftersale issue, will be noted and categorized in HubSpot for reviewing later.


    Managing Your Sales Outreach


    Remember how we mentioned that you could see how many calls and emails you or your team has made? You can also find out how many responses you had to your outreach, and how/if that has translated to sales. There is overall historical data for all of your contacts that can be sorted or translated into easy-to-read charts. This data can help you forecast future business and gauge how well your sales team is doing.

    Using these features, you can create an accurate schedule for your teams and learn more about what works and what doesn't. What sales are you closing on, regularly, and what approach has worked best? This information is especially helpful if you work on contracts periodically and need to know your busiest season and need to measure productivity for your teams.

    Enhance Your Productivity

    Using HubSpot also gives transparency when it comes to your sales team. Whether you're setting quotas or individual team members' numbers, HubSpot can help you set your targets accurately while you measure productivity. You can assign team members specific tasks and leads for these goals.

    You can set up HubSpot to create alerts when it's time to reach out to new prospects or follow up on an existing sale. You can also assign contact files to the most appropriate team member.

    The ability to assign contacts can be invaluable when you want to separate potential high-dollar sales leads for a senior member of your sales team to handle. You have complete access to every individual prospects' place in the buyer's journey. This means you can track new leads at any stage of the sales process, from signing up for your newsletter to clicking the "get a quote" form on your homepage. You'll know exactly when your leads are ready to buy, and can have the right person contact them to close the sale.

    Your sales team can also create reminders by date and time within HubSpot's CRM so that they can reach out to prospects at the best time. No good leads will slip through the cracks; HubSpot will automatically send reminders when a task is coming due.


    HubSpot's CRM is a Powerful Tool

    Whether you're scheduling calls, creating a follow-up special, or reaching out to old customers to introduce a new product, HubSpot can be magic for your sales team. Staying organized keeps your company and sales crew at the top of their game every time. You'll always have the information you need about your prospects, allowing you to nurture and deepen your relationships and offer the products and services they want and need.

    Being able to observe the sales process through HubSpot's tracking tools will also give you a better understanding about which promotions and tools on your website (such as ebooks and videos) are converting best, so you can tailor your marketing efforts to better meet customer needs.

    Interested in learning even more on how you can use HubSpot CRM? As a proud Certified Gold Partner with Hubspot, we would love to help you get set up with this powerful tool.



    Contact us today to learn how you can use HubSpot to power your relationships and convert more leads, today.

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