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How to Create Smart Online Marketing Strategies to Make Money

08/09/18, 9:02 AM

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Your Website Should Be Making You Money

If it’s not, that’s a problem.


We’ve written you an acrostic on some of our rules for creating smart online marketing strategies that will help your website make money for your business!


We’ve also included 5 super easy, quick-shot digital marketing tips you can use right now.



Smart goal setting means measuring empirical results. Without numbers, your digital marketing plan has no teeth.


Marketing is not emotional. It shouldn’t be intuitive. Your tactics must be analytic-driven.


Analytics. Google analytics is your best friend. For a baseline track: Page views, Avg. time on page, and bounce rate. Learn how to create a digital marketing plan surrounding the numbers you’re already generating.


Read popular digital marketing blogs to stay updated on new trends. (Moz, Neil Patel, SEM Rush.)


Target the right audience. Don’t know your audience? Write up a quick buyer persona. Form your goals around the people you want to talk to. What do they want?




Don’t become complacent. Digital marketing takes time. Set new monthly goals consistently.


Incorporate a lively social media plan. Introduce your brand to the world. How will your products help other businesses run smoother? Can you show & tell through video?


Get help when you need it. Digital marketing is the wild west of the web. Needing a professional to help you iron out the kinks is normal. Sometimes we all need a refresher on digital marketing basics.


Iteration testing or A/B testing is important. Monitor the strategies you’re using. Are you getting more targeted traffic? If not, switch tactics.


Tell-tale signs are your friends. Recognize poor marketing: no new generated leads, decreased online sales, decreased traffic, high bounce rates– it’s time to switch strategies.


Always remember you can try something different. Remain nimble and adaptable. Ask yourself, “What are my alternatives?”


Laziness is the bane of all marketing. Regular blog & social media posting schedules matter.




Measure success with numbers. X percent increase. X# of views. X# of posts. X# of contact forms. Adjust your goals realistically month to month. If they’re not increasing, it’s time to reevaluate your online marketing strategies.


Analyze the giants in your industry. What functionality does their website offer customers? What types of blogs are they writing? Are they running PPC campaigns? Incorporate their successes into your digital marketing plan. 


Recognize success! Celebrate the small & big wins alike. Even two new leads can make a difference.


Know your s%&!. Make sure every word you write is important. You have insider-knowledge of your industry. Share the gems. Dump everything else.


Every step counts. Even if you only set up your blog today and post nothing, tomorrow is a new day. Digital marketing can overwhelm beginners. You’re doing great. Remember to breathe. If you need help, call us.


Tell the world! The world won’t hear you without an SEO strategy. What keywords do you want to rank for? Pick five right now. Now, do some research. Are those terms widely searched for? If not, which ones are?


Incorporate your company culture. When was the last time you reworked your “About Us” page? Does it actually represent your company, or is it all just filler copy? Do you have any human interest stories? Are you willing to offer pro bono work? Do you have a page advertising the types of nonprofits you’re willing to work with? Do you have a “Meet the Team” page? What about your YouTube platform? Any behind-the-scenes footage? Marketing can be whatever you want it to be– as long as its backed with metrics. Never stop having fun.


New digital marketing tactics emerge all the time. Yes. We’re looking at you Google. Keep abreast of algorithm changes, or fall behind the curve. Did you know about the new HTTPS/SSL certificate security changes will considerably reduce your SEO ranking if you didn’t take action like, yesterday?


Getting results is your ONLY measure of success.

5 Quick-Start Digital Marketing Goals

1. Start your business blog. Commit to 2 monthly posts.

2. Start your SEO campaign with our Free Seo Audit.

3. Give your website a facelift. (Honestly, does it look dated?)

4. Outline 5 measurable monthly goals (Use symbols to help you.)

       !: Get one blog article to go viral. Make an impact!

     @: Get your business listed (@) on helpful directories.

      #: Generate #5 new online leads. Create 3 targeted landing pages.

      $: Make three online sales ($) purely from digital marketing. 

     %: Increase blog traffic by five (%) percent. 

      ^: Multiply your reach, get your article shared X times (^). 

      &: Bring your partners (&) into the fold. Write a guest blog for a website you             know your audience is reading. 

      *: Run an offer. Repackage old content into something new and hand it out              for a (*) “limited time.” (Remember to swap out offerings over time.)  

      (): Give your audience something extra. (Hey isn’t this nice?) Write some                 awesome downloadable content that fixes a problem: How-To guides,                 whitepapers, & infographics.

5. Start a mailing list. Start small. Capture 10 new emails this month.


What are your online marketing strategy goals this month? Comment below!

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