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How to Create Great Blog Content That Specifically Targets Your Audience

03/20/14, 9:21 AM

With so much content available online, how can you lead your target audience towards your content? Yes, you may be writing valuable content just for them, but how can you be sure they are not getting lost in the online shuffle of other sources?

Here are three tips to create great blog content that specifically targets your audience:

Check Your Popular Posts

Go through your blog and look into the most popular posts. You can also check this through Google Analytics and identify the most popular (or most viewed) posts. A good indicator is what kinds of posts had the highest amount of visits.

Also consider the most valuable visits or posts that actually resulted in conversations. Once you have this information, create another article with similar content. Since these articles generated the best results from your target audience, now you know what topics to revisit and write more about!

Check Your Competitors Blog Posts

This is a sneaky and interesting tactic that can also help you come up with new blog ideas to write about. Look through your competitors websites and browse through their most popular blogs.

You can determine which blog posts were the most popular by reviewing which have the most social shares or which posts have the most inbound links pointing towards them. Read the article and if it appeals to your target audience, its time to craft your own version on this same topic!

Relevant Industry Specific Questions

What questions does your target audience typically have? Look into what questions they have most frequently asked you.

Make a strong list of these inquiries and then take use each one as a topic to write a blog article providing an answer. This will easily give you great industry-specific blogs on topics your target audience wants to read about!

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