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How to Build Your Social Media Following

12/05/16, 9:05 AM
Alex Kastanas


For some brands, this is literally the million dollar question.

A vibrant, growing social media following is something just about every modern business wants. At Synchronicity, we are asked all the time how to go about building that following. The answer is complicated and involves a successive social media plan, carried out over a period of months (and years) with consistency and measurability. Here’s how to get your business started on its own enviable social media following.

Learn Your Base
The first step in creating an effective social media plan is to know where your potential customers hang out. Are they married women? They’re on Pinterest. Are they 16-22 years old? Catch them on Snapchat. Are they Baby Boomers? They’re still on Facebook! Better yet, have a qualified digital marketing firm do this research for you.

Set Some Goals
There’s no point in having a robust social media following if it’s not doing anything for your business. What’s its purpose? Do you want to actually make sales directly on social? Promote online purchases through your website? Maybe you just want to converse with your clients so you get a better idea of their gripes, their wishes, and their needs? Once you have goals, you can put a plan in action.

Build Your Foundation
Now that you know your goals, you need to set up some professional, well-built social media profiles. That means images, logos, messaging, etc. Again, if this sounds like too many moving pieces to manage, bring in a social media expert to ensure you do it right. It’s critical to make a great first impression on social media, and this is your only chance to do it.

Create “Wow” Content
You can’t launch your social media profiles and expect your customers to come to you. You’ve got to incentivize them to communicate with you online. The #1 way to do that is to create valuable, industry-relevant content to educate your consumers and solidify you as an expert in your field. What kind of content? Blog posts on your website, white papers, newsletters, infographics, photo slideshows, etc. It must be professional and it must be consistent.

Slow and Steady
The trick to actually building a social media following for your business is putting out consistent, quality content and to be there when your customers are. If they share your content, say thank you! If they have a complaint, respond to it. Social media is the easiest, cheapest way to have a dialogue with your clients and you’ll set your brand apart by being candid and open. Don’t disappear! If you can’t make the continual commitment to managing your social media presence, hire a professional social media coordinator to do it for you. Your ROI will be tenfold.

Get Over Yourself
(Okay, not really!) but it’s important to get off your own profiles to see what other industry experts are talking about. Join the conversation! Mix and mingle in groups where you customers hang out (just avoid selling them in this context,) as a business, you can still treat social media as a social place. Your customers will thank you for it and in time, they’ll come to you.

At the end of the day, building a successful social media following is all about being honest and receptive to your customers. Putting something out there that feels authentic is the first step in building the kind of following that sticks.

That following, once you’ve got it, is worth its weight in gold. Need help creating your own? Synchronicity can work with you on your own customized social media plan, and we never make you promises we can’t keep.

Give us a ring.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas