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    How to Align Your Marketing & Sales to Reach Goals in the New Year

    Posted by Randy Smith on Dec 10, 2015 8:52:58 PM

    synchronicity-web-design-charlotte-nc-2015Alignment between sales and marketing – it’s been a common theme this past year. Companies have found more and more that if their sales and marketing departments are not aligned, the overall company goals cannot be met.

    Harvard University recently released a study explaining the two reasons goals are so important: achievement and motivation.

    By creating a very specific goal, there is more motivation for an individual to complete that goal. The study then found that people who follow a specific strategy and measure metrics to reach their goal performed 30 percent better than those who did not. You can read the full study here.

    In order to be successful in reaching big company goals, each individual department needs to be able to reach their individual small goals to help each other. Creating sales goals are simple. Quotas are developed for the amount of calls a rep makes and for the deals they bring in.

    Marketing goals are harder to make as they measure how efforts are performing. For instance, did this landing page that I created or this workflow that I developed bring in enough qualified leads for my sales team to close?

    Read on to learn how to best set goals for your marketing teams, and then how to create alignment between those goals and your sales team to impact your company’s ROI.

    Setting Marketing Goals

    When it comes to creating goals for your marketing team to reach, follow best practices and develop SMART goals. The SMART goal framework was created by HubSpot and means your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

    graph-841606_640Your goals should not be ambiguous; they should be specific to who’s involved and why it’s important. Your goals should be measurable, meaning there should be a concrete process for measuring progress toward reaching the goal. These goals need to be attainable or realistic for your team to reach. They should be relevant to your business and your initiatives. Finally, your goals should be timely, meaning you have a expected date to reach each goal.

    As a marketing team, you should either be creating goals for the amount of traffic or visits you want your website to receive, the amount of leads you want to convert, or the amount of customers that are converting. Once you decide on what your goal is, you need to decide on the timeline you’d like to accomplish it in. Then, you need to map out the actions your team is going to take to reach it.

    Goal: More Visits

    If your goal is to gain more visits to your website it’s probably for one of two reasons. You are either just launching your brand’s website or your website is producing a good visit to lead conversion rate, but you’re looking for more traffic to up the ante.

    Some of the many tactics to generate more traffic would be to build upon your website with content such as landing pages and blogs, or ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Download our FREE Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization eBook to learn more>>

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    Goal: More Leads

    If you’re satisfied with the amount of traffic your website is receiving, but you’re unhappy with the visit to lead conversion rate, your goal should be focusing on producing more leads for sales.

    Some tactics you could take to generate more leads would be creating downloadable offers such as whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, or demo videos.

    Goal: More Customers

    Your goal should be to gain more customers if your website is receiving a decent amount of traffic and those visitors are converting on your forms, but those leads aren’t turning into customers.

    One of the many tactics you could take to nurture leads that are not yet ready to close would be marketing automation workflows. Workflows nurture leads and move them through the sales cycle until they point they are ready to close.


    Creating Alignment

    sales-marketing-02Strong communication between sales and marketing teams is the only way to create alignment between departments. Before the marketing team can create their SMART goals, they need to talk to the sales team about where their difficulties are. For instance, are they receiving enough leads to call? Or maybe they receive plenty of leads, but the leads not qualified to convert into sales.

    Once these questions are answered, the marketing team can focus on reaching their SMART goals and the sales team can focus on closing the qualified leads coming in. As the expected date of reaching the goal arrives – whether that’s the end of a quarter or the end of a year – the marketing and sales teams should pull metrics to see how successful they were at achieving their goals.

    Sales teams should pull the amount of sales closed and the amount of revenue generated. Marketing teams should aggregate traffic, lead and customer sourcing and attribute dollar amounts to each source. Download our FREE eBook, The Data You Should (and Shouldn’t) be Measuring for Company Growth, for tips on aggregating and analyzing the right data>>

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    Ready to Align Your Sales and Marketing?

    Are you ready to align your sales and marketing in the New Year to create goals and generate more ROI for your business? Synchronicity can help!

    Creating SMART goals, developing a strong marketing strategy, implementing the legwork needed to see the strategy thrive, and then analyzing the data is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Synchronicity’s team of digital marketing strategists can help your brand’s marketing align with your business’s sales goals to help your bottom line.

    Learn more about our digital marketing services by visiting our website or by calling 866-397-7962 to speak to a team member. Together, we can reach your sales goals in the New Year!

    Align Your Sales and Marketing!

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