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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 26, 2017 9:24:00 AM

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If we had a nickel for every time we heard…
“But I just updated my website two years ago! I paid that college student an arm and a leg to update my site for me…why in the world do I need to do it again?!”

It’s a totally fair gripe. Seems like just as you get used to your website it’s time to change it again. Or so says some developer or Google news article or other well-meaning marketing professional. But, really, how often should you update your website?

Know What it Means to “Update Your Website”

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a website isn’t just one big unit, waiting to be updated. A website is made up of many components, some of which are fine left alone for years and years, and some of which need to be updated almost constantly for best results.

There are only a handful of reasons you’d really, truly need to start over from scratch when it comes to your website if you’ve already got one that’s working okay. These include:

  • If your current site isn’t mobile-friendly, and isn’t built to be mobile compatible
  • If your current site was built using Flash, a program not supported by iPhones
  • If your site takes a year and a day to upload; customers just won’t wait anymore

Have any of those issues, or have a site that’s more than ten years old? Then you’ll want to talk to a professional website developer about a complete rebuild. Think of it as an investment in your business that should hopefully set you up for a decade or more of hassle-free, easy-to-manage web presence.

Don’t Rebuild, Just Update

Conversely, there are several features of your website that may just need to be updated from time to time rather than completely reengineered. If you still understand and know how to work the CMS system behind your website – essentially, the platform that allows you to make simple, non-techie changes – you’re in good shape. If not, a developer can help.

As a good rule of thumb, here are some of the timeframes you’ll want to keep in mind for overall website updates.

Logo/Color Scheme: Generally should be reconsidered every 2-4 years. Subtle changes in the theme or style of website can make a big difference to customers.

eCommerce Platform: If you sell directly from your website, you want to have a developer reevaluate the functionality of your online store at least once a year to ensure everything’s working.

Content: The content on your website – your blog, your on-page copy, the images, your Meta Descriptions, etc. – should, ideally, be updated as often as possible to appease search engines. Aim for at least 1-3 blog posts per week, a new landing page or revised page copy at least once a month, and keyword-targeted Meta updates at least once every six months or so.


The good news? There’s no hard and fast rule for updating your website. If you’ve been rocking the same simplistic design for five long years and your site still looks fresh and translates nicely to mobile, more power to you! (Just don’t forget to keep updating that content!)

Worried your site might be a little…behind the times? If you suspect it might be time for an update, give Sync a call.

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