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    How Often Should You Redesign Your Website

    Posted by Synchronicity on Apr 27, 2018 9:03:00 AM

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    Is your website due for a redesign?

    Your website is the online face of your brand. It’s how many of your customers will come to know you for the first time, and it’s telling a story about your business whether you’re dictating that story or not. Do you know whether your site needs a little facelift?


    Website Redesign vs. Website Update

    Your website is a like a car. There are a lot of moving parts that work together to create something functional. Updating your website is like getting a new transmission. Redesigning your website is like getting a fresh paint job.


    A website redesign is primarily aesthetic. It’s about creating a better, more representative brand experience for your visitors through colors, type, content, images, and more. Generally, “updating” your site refers more to any technical changes – mobile readiness, video players, etc. – you can make on the backend. What do both sides of the coin have in common? They’re intended to improve the user experience.

    How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

    That’s a loaded question. It’s kind of like asking, “When should I pressure wash my house?” or “Do I need new clothes?” When it comes to redesigning, it’s less about following a specific schedule and more about timing your redesign around significant changes in your business.


    A few of the most common reasons you might need a redesign include:

    • Big changes within your business (i.e. a merger, a new name, expansion into a new sector)
    • Branding shifts (i.e. a new logo design, updated colors, distinctive messaging)
    • Competitive landscape changes (i.e. your competitors have updated their sites)
    • Your eagerness to show off your site has waned
    • It has been more than 2-4 years since you’ve made any significant design changes

    Knowing When to Pull the Redesign Trigger

    Chances are, if you’re asking yourself whether your site needs to be redesigned, you already know that it does. Nothing stays current or modern forever, and that site you spent months making perfect a couple of years back? It could use a little tweaking. Redesigning your website every couple of years is a natural and expected part of the digital process. Don’t fear it.


    What might you want to actually “redesign?” A few things to consider are your website’s theme, if you’re using a templated platform like Wordpress. You’ll also want to think about taking new professional images for the site, and even updating your logo if it’s been a while. (Remember: Updating a logo doesn’t mean making it unrecognizable! A good designer can help.) Even something as simple as a simplified color scheme can breathe new life into a ho-hum website.


    Are you wondering whether it’s time to shake things up? If your website feels stale to you, it definitely does to your customers. The good news is, Sync has your back.


    We build beautiful custom websites for businesses just like yours. Reach out to our talented team today to find out how a better website can bring in more business.


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