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    How Much Should I Pay for Digital Marketing Services?

    Posted by Synchronicity on Aug 2, 2018 9:02:00 AM


    It’s True. You Get What You Pay For. 

    Digital marketing for businesses can be a somewhat nebulous concept if you’re not in the game yourself. Because what the heck is digital marketing, really? You’ve probably got the basics down: digital marketing helps drive traffic to your website. More traffic = more clients. (Or rather, that’s what’s supposed to happen.) Digital marketing is a unique formulaic art.

    There are aspects of digital marketing which must be respected to be effective, like using metadata and alternative text, but digital marketing is an entirely creative process when executed by people who love what they do. (We didn’t get paid to say that.) The major branches of digital marketing are (1) keyword research, (2) content creation, (3) technical website management, (4) social media outreach, and (5) reporting analysis (because you need to know your efforts are working, right?).

    The most challenging aspects of incorporating digital marketing internally without a dedicated marketing team is staring you right in the face: you don’t have the time. And it’s not just you. Every company struggles with three core marketing challenges: you can’t prove your investment is making a difference (ROI), you don’t know how to build or manage a successful website, and you don’t quite have a team with the necessary skills to maintain your marketing goals. We know your struggles intimately. That’s why we do what we do for businesses like yours.

    More than likely, at some point in your digital marketing ventures you’re going to hire someone. And you want to know how much you should be paying for digital marketing services, right? Well. Unfortunately, there’s not a clear-cut answer.


    Both small and medium businesses are putting skin in the game because digital marketing works. 70 percent of small and medium businesses reported they will increase spending on digital marketing in 2018.


    Small businesses are allocating 4 percent of their income to digital marketing; large businesses invest 35 percent of their overall marketing budget to digital.


    Do you need us to spell it out any more clearly for you? Digital marketing works! 


    But not all digital marketing services are created equally. Here’s where the discussion becomes a bit muddled. Yes, you can absolutely hire digital marketing freelancers on Odesk for dirt cheap and cross your fingers. Yes, you can try and muddle through the digital marketing arena armed with Google. But you’ll never see your investment returned (because your time is also valuable)– nor will you know the dizzyingly high peaks of success a website can easily achieve with the right direction.

    You get what you pay for. And if you hire a one-off SEOer to optimize your website hoping to revitalize your business goals, you’re in for a rude awakening. You want quality digital efforts. They don’t come cheap, but they’re a lot less expensive than you think.

    And there’s good reason why digital marketing should be a large investment. More business.


    This is the part where the age-old, “you need money to make money” rears its head back into your life, but in the best way possible. Because your business is already making money. So you have money. You just don’t think you do. And that’s okay. We’re here to show you why making that investment is worth every penny.


    Agency Web Design & Marketing VS Template Freelancers

    When was the last time your website had a facelift? Your website should be a living, breathing testament to your business. It should evolve as you do, or it’s not serving its purpose. New innovations in coding are constantly emerging. Take an honest look at your website. Does it look dated? Do you even know what a dated website looks like?

    We’re not here to judge, but digital marketing is a full-time job that many believe they can do themselves. Most of them are wrong, but are exceedingly well-intentioned.


    Eventually, the frustration sets in and freelancers are fervently hired. They do a poor job, and frustrated business owners give up. Don’t let your business flounder because you neglected to invest in high quality digital marketing services. Here’s a brief primer on the difference between a bonafide digital marketing agency and (most) freelancers.


    Agency Web Marketing

    • Fully custom-coded website (a hardcore coder spent hours building your website from scratch)
    • Entire teams tackle digital marketing efforts with empirical goals
    • Unique, high-quality content production
    • Strategic SEO marketing strategies catered to your business and your pre-existing metrics
      (Not all businesses will have the same SEO strategies.)
    • Best practice social media strategies are allocated to social media buffs
    • Technical SEO tasks are tackled with haste
      (Did you know Google penalizes websites for certain infractions?)

    Freelance Web Marketers

    • Template website (that means they literally dropped your information into a pre-made mold)
    • One person attempts to tackle the enormity of digital marketing
      (Sounds like you could do that yourself, right? But we know why that’s ineffective at this point. So, why are you paying for it?)
    • Typically poor quality content, or worst-case-scenario: repurposed from other websites
    • Haphazard page-by-page SEO typically lacks comprehensive long-term tactics
    • Social media efforts are minimal, inconsistent, and lacking
    • Technical website tasks may be allocated to automated plug-ins
      (Plug-ins are notorious for wreaking havoc on websites– sometimes even breaking them until they’re removed. We’ve seen it first hand.)


    Invest in Digital Marketing for ROI

    You’ve seen our work. It speaks for itself. (Need a brief refresher on calculating ROI for digital marketing?)


    Here’s what an inside snippet of what digital marketing service reports look like from yours truly:

    • Optimized internal linking
    • Published monthly content calendar
      (Yes, we have a beautifully talented social media guru who composes carefully crafted social media calendars for entire month stretches. How much time would that take you to complete on your own? Is your business on social media RIGHT NOW?)
    • Refreshed social media presence with new branding
    • Analysis of competitive visibility
      (That’s just a fancy way of saying we looked at how this company stacked up in direct comparison to their competitor’s online presence. We’re happy to report our client reigned supreme over their top-tier competition.)
    • Analysis of keyword positioning
      (Did you know your rankings fluctuate on a daily basis? Do you really have time to keep track of that and run your business?)
    • Conversion testing and tracking 

      (Want to know if your website is performing? Are you tracking how many clients booked your services as a direct result of your marketing efforts? No? We can!)

    • Created two blog posts for the month.
      (Do you have a sensible content strategy? Are you actively positioning your company as an authority in your vertical? Do you even know what an editorial calendar is? Are you writing new blogs?)
    • Compressed over-sized image files
      (Did you know even the images you leverage on your website can help or hurt your SEO ranking? Do you know if the images you’re including in your content are open sourced? Do you own the rights to repurpose them? You should, unless you want a legal battle on your hands.)
    • Minification of CSS and JS files
      (Minification is fancy coding jargon, which essentially means a coder sat down and eliminated the dribs and drabs making our clients’ coding sloppy. Minifying files helps speed websites up [did you know your website should load within three seconds?], lowers bandwidth costs, and lowers resource usage. Are you prepared to audit the entirety of your website’s code for minification purposes? We are.


    Do you think one person tackled this Herculean agenda? Absolutely not! 

    It just wouldn’t be feasible, unless you sacrificed spending time with your family, your hobbies, running your business effectively, and sleeping. Digital marketing is meticulous. Digital marketing takes time. Digital marketing demands flexibility and innovation– but it’s absolutely worth it. Numbers never lie.


    Need us to prove ROI? Here are are some monthly insights across a spectrum of current clients:


    Synchronicity’s Monthly Digital Marketing Highlights

    Client A

    • Bounce rate decreased -11% (that means fewer people are leaving their website)
    • Pages per session increased 26% (click through rates are bustling here)
    • Average session duration increased 53% (visitors are spending considerably longer on this website)
    • 88% new users of all visitors
    • 5 New contacts, 3 new leads in one month
    • Target keyword shot up 30 positions to the first page of Google
    • Blog views increased by 64%
    • Landing (sales) page views increased 43%

    Client B

    • Social media traffic increased 252%
    • Goal completion increased by 8.6%
      (Goals vary from company to company; this usually translates into sales or new leads.)
    • Conversion rate increased 9%
    • 83% new users
    • 63 quote request form submissions– a 9% increase
    • 5 new keywords ranked on 1st page of Google

    Client C

    • 114% increase in overall traffic
    • 201% new users
    • 7% Direct Traffic (people are actively typing in this company’s URL)

    Client D

    • Social media traffic increased by 267%
    • Conversion rate increased by 4%
    • 81% of traffic accounted for new users
    • 14% Increase in RSS subscribers
    • 9 target keywords moved to the first page of Google

    Client E

    • 84% new users
    • 28 new contact submissions
    • Average session duration increased by 42%
    • Pages per session increased by 20% (check out that click-through upgrade!)


    We have some homework for you if you’re serious about revving up your online marketing efforts. Take charge of your of digital marketing and make the progress your business needs!


    Download Sync’s Beginner Digital Marketing eBook Courses:


    The Data You Should (and Shouldn’t) be Measuring for Company Growth


    How to Generate Leads Through Your Website


    We’re different because we take a decided interest in your business. That’s the key ingredient missing from many digital marketing service providers. It’s not enough to know your stuff. You have to care about the business you’re marketing. We’re proud to say Synchronicity makes a concerted commitment to each and every client of ours. Discovery is the key to digital marketing success. 


    But How Much Should I Pay for Digital Marketing?

    We’ll be transparent. Our monthly digital marketing retainer fees range from $3,000-$5,000. 

    That’s lower than the industry standard for digital marketing agencies.



    Ready to start making money off your website? Hire the right people.

    Here’s a long-form questionnaire about your new website goals and online marketing efforts.


    Or if you prefer, we have a simplified form.


    We can’t wait to hear from you.


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