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How Many Buyer Personas Should I Identify for My Business?

06/28/18, 9:03 AM



Defining buyer personas is one of the most important steps in any marketing process whether intentional or not. Without detailed buyer personas in place, it’s impossible for businesses to know who to tailor their messaging to and how to talk to them in a way that resonates.


Maybe you know your business needs to create buyer personas but you’re just not sure what the process entails. We get a lot of questions here at Synchronicity about creating buyer persons. One of the most common is, “How many buyer personas do I actually need?”

Buyer Personas in a Nutshell

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on research, data, and feedback. The more specific a buyer persona is, the more useful it tends to be. The persona should address everything from the buyer’s motivations to their goals to their budget.

How Many Buyer Personas Should Your Business Have?

There’s really no set-in-stone answer to this question, but there are a few best practices to remember. The goal of buyer personas is to define your audience. That usually means narrowing it down. The wider your audience is, the harder you’re going to have to work to answer their most pressing questions. A broad audience is a varied audience.

In general, it’s best to cap yourself at two or three buyer personas. That sets reasonable expectations for being able to reach your audience effectively, and it helps really helps hone your messaging strategy. Trust us, two or three buyer personas offer plenty of opportunity in terms of inbound marketing.

“But We Have Lots of Different Kinds of Customers!”

We hear this a lot. And it’s understandable: Every single customer you’ve ever had won’t fit neatly inside two or three boxes, and that’s okay. They point of the buyer persona exercise is to distill your buyers as much as possible, so you can develop a better understanding of what those buyers want. It’s always preferable to be the go-to for a smaller group of buyers than one of a dozen competitors for a large group of buyers.

“Should Our Buyer Personas be Who We’ve Served in the Past?”
This is a great (and insightful!) question. It’s critical when developing buyer personas to prioritize who you’d like to be selling to, not just who you’re selling to now. Content marketing works best when it’s targeted and if your target is shifting as your business grows, buyer personas are an excellent place to articulate that.

“How Do I Define My Buyer Personas, Anyway?”
This is a broader question with ill-defined borders. Developing comprehensive buyer personas is one of the best reasons to work with a seasoned digital marketing firm. It’s sometimes very difficult to be objective enough about your own business to identify an ideal customer…an agency can help you see the forest through the trees.

Start with Sync
Synchronicity is ready to help you develop buyer personas to inform your marketing process. From sharpening your strategy to developing a brand voice, we understand what it takes for your business to stand out online.

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