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How a Website Can Make or Break Your Small Business

03/03/17, 9:35 AM

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You already know that your small business needs a website. But did you know that there’s a big difference in just having a website and having a good website?

A website can make or break a small business. Here’s how.

Some Businesses Still Aren’t Online
Can you believe that nearly half of all small businesses still don’t have a website? The Internet is where customers go to find important information about your business, from address to hours to list of services. If your customers are looking for you online and they can’t find you (easily), they’re going somewhere else.

It’s All About UX
What is UX? It’s shorthand for “user experience” and it’s the way your customers feel when navigating your online presence. Is your website easy-to-read and simple enough to scroll through in a snap? Are the colors and photos pleasant, and does the site avoid annoying tech pitfalls like Flash animation? Customers go to your website to find out specific information or to access interesting content you’re putting out. If they can’t find it quickly, they’re gone.

Mobile is Everything
Not only does your small business need a quality website, that website needs to be mobile optimized. Why? More online searches officially take place on mobile devices than desktops – over a third of smartphone owners check their phones more than 50 times per day. If your small business website doesn’t load quickly, cleanly, and helpfully on a searcher’s phone or tablet? You may as well chalk that customer up to lost business.

Local Search Lands You Customers
Customers search locally. Some statistics say that over 72% of customers who do a local search (i.e. “Hair Salons in Dayton”) then visited a business within five miles of their location. If your business is optimized enough to show up in local search results you’re one step ahead of the game. It’s up to your website to convert local customers into walk-in business once they find out you’re close by.

Do You Lack Brand Consistency?
Today, even small businesses need to “brand” themselves to stand out. Branding is an integral part of the marketing process; it carries over online and in the real world. Your small biz website branding should match your business cards, your T-shirts, and your traditional advertising efforts. When someone visits your website they should understand what patronizing your business will be like before they show up.


Could your small business website be better? The team at Synchronicity can help. We’re ready to hear about your biggest challenges online and, more importantly, come up with some solutions.

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Randy Smith