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    Here's Why Your Industrial Business Needs a CRM

    Posted by Synchronicity on Oct 3, 2017 9:12:00 AM


    Your industrial business needs a CRM.

    Don’t believe us?
    (Don’t know what a “CRM” is???)

    We know. There’s a lot of technology out there designed to “help” your business that ends up just making things more complicated. We work with a lot of industrial businesses, manufacturers, and production facilities – we’ve seen our fair share of ledger books and actual Rolodexes.

    Trust us: Your industrial businesses needs a CRM to succeed moving forward. Here’s why.

    First, the Basics on CRMs
    CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and the acronym is used as shorthand for a software solution that accomplishes this purpose. At their simplest, CRMs can streamline the way you handle orders or organize your database of customer info. At their most effective, a great CRM tool can improve logistics, analyze customer data, and help your business chart the course for years to come.

    Now, Let’s Talk About How CRMs Work
    CRMs can either be in-house, that is, hosted and edited in the office, or they can be “in the cloud” which sounds scarier than it is. Cloud-based CRM software is safer and more robust than it’s ever been and it provides maximum flexibility and amenities for your business. Here at Sync, we work with industrial businesses who use both in-house and cloud-based CRM tools to enhance their operations.

    Why Your Industrial Business Needs a CRM
    There are literally hundreds of reasons your business might benefit from a CRM tool. Here are a few of the most common motives industrial companies have for integrating CRMs:

    • Inefficient or broken logistics, inventory, or ordering systems
    • Lack of analytic data regarding customers and/or potential customers
    • A breakdown between sales and marketing efforts
    • Pivoting or growth within the business’ sectors, services, or offerings

    We’ve seen CRM tools do wonders for industrial businesses. For companies that have no software systems in place, integrating a new CRM drastically changes the way they do business. Data goes digital, customer relationships are tracked, and the sales process is broken down into components. Make no mistake, there’s a learning curve when integrating a new CRM but once the training “hump” has been cleared, business operations are always easier, simpler, and more transparent.

    We also work with a lot of industrial businesses that have an existing CRM tool that isn’t serving all their needs. In these cases we help integrate additional functionalities through better or additional software that can reduce pain points in the areas of lead generation, sales funneling, and digital analytics. We have a lot of experience working specifically with industrial-sector businesses in this area.


    The CRM tool you need depends entirely on the limitations and opportunities your business is facing. The goals of your industrial business matter, too; growing your customer base may not be as important to your business as better serving the customers you already have!

    We get it.

    CRMs can feel complicated. You need an expert to help.
    That’s Sync! Give us a call today to get started.


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