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Helm. Launch Announcement

Posted by Synchronicity on Nov 13, 2017, 9:02:00 AM

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Welcome on Board, helm.!

October 2017 marked the official launch of, a virtual attorney’s office. What started as just a seedling of an idea turned into one of Synchronicitys best sites to date – we couldn’t be prouder!

The online law firm, helm., specializes in the areas of estate planning, wills and trusts, and business planning. It’s a division of Johannesmeyer & Sawyer PLLC, a Charlotte area-brick-and-mortar law office with presences in Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

About the Project

The site,, will be the base of operations for all online legal services. Clients can use the robust functionalities Synchronicity baked in to schedule video chat or phone appointments with licensed attorneys, to upload and sign documents, and even to pay for online legal help. The brand is consumer-facing, working primarily to serve individuals, young professionals, the tech-savvy, and small business owners, among other groups.

Sync took special care to fully integrate helm.’s platform with the attorneys’ existing CRM software. That way, new client information carries over, reducing redundancies down the road. We also built a special tool to work with helm.’s Calendly software to automatically send lawyers notifications about any new clients or appointments.

Challenges & Objectives

The biggest challenge we faced with helm. was that everyone was  starting from scratch. There was no previous site to build off of and no one else in the online law firm space; it’s a new idea, so everyone had to be as creative as possible. (Feel like this may need some work)

Together, Sync and helm. decided on a clean, contemporary design that was as simple as it was straightforward. Ease-of-use was an absolute must for the site. A cool-toned gray and orange color palette along with a modern “hamburger” menu navigation round out the site’s design aesthetic. There are also plenty of nautical puns because, hey, why not?

In addition to building the site from the ground up, we had to build out helm.’s overall web presence, too. Since they were a new brand – a startup, if you will – we knew we needed to lay a solid foundation for SEO and digital marketing that we could add to for years.

The End Result is a showpiece. It’s as functional as it is beautiful and it’s even useful for attracting new attorneys to the practice. Due to the decentralized nature of helm., the firm hopes to soon have attorneys working remotely in even more states including Georgia and Virginia, among others.

We’re really, really proud of the helm. project. No detail of the site’s strategy went untouched, from the super-simple messaging to the sans-serif typography. Together we created a web presence that’s doing something totally new…that’s hard to say in today’s online climate!


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