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Facebook Marketing 101 for Manufacturers

09/18/17, 9:22 AM


Should manufacturers be on Facebook?

Of course they should be! Your business needs to have a social presence whether you’re B2B or consumer-facing. Facebook is the natural place to start. How can you use Facebook effectively as a manufacturer and what are some best practices to keep in mind?

The Setup
It’s critical you get your Facebook page set up correctly; it will serve as the foundation for the rest of your social efforts and is usually considered your “premiere” social presence. Setting up a business Facebook Page is different than a personal page. Everything from your business name to your URL to your “About” section should be well-crafted – know that some sections can only be edited rarely per Facebook’s rules! This is a great time to bring in a digital marketing pro for help.

Pictures and Visuals
Social media is as much about visual content as it is about words. Think carefully about which images to use on Facebook – you’ll want a handful of images to draw from that you can shuffle in and out. Remember that your businesses’ header image must be at least 400x150 pixels and that your smaller profile image should look as good at 170x170 pixels (desktop) as it does at 36x36 pixels (mobile). Want to stand out? Consider adding moving video to your header or implementing text for further branding.

As a manufacturer, it’s important to know your Facebook audience and the purpose of your presence on social media. Do you want to become a thought leader in your industry? Engage with customers that might have questions about your business? Create deeper relationships with other businesses? The kind of content you’ll put out should pertain directly to your intended audience; ideally, you’ll put out a mix of around 60% original content and 40% sharing industry-relevant content.

Your Facebook schedule should work in conjunction with your comprehensive digital marketing plan. Both should be centered around campaigns. A successful Facebook campaign can have many components, from newsfeed ads to specially-created images and content (blog posts, infographics, etc.) that will be posted on a schedule. Every campaign should revolve around a specific purpose whether that’s to educate, to promote, or to broaden your branding efforts.

Facebook is a great place for manufacturers to modernize their brand. If your business isn’t on Facebook yet, rest assured your competitors are – and they’re getting ahead. If you’re not sure how to effectively use Facebook as a marketing tool for your manufacturing business, contact Synchronicity. We’re experts at digital marketing so you don’t have to be.

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