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Five Tips & Tricks For Facebook Advertising

02/13/15, 2:21 PM


It's simple, Facebook advertising reaches prospective clients for your business. According to Facebook, their ads reach on average, 89 percent of your intended audience – about 50 percent more than other forms of online advertising.

Impressive statistics! If you haven't thought about Facebook advertising for your business, you could be missing out.

Below are five tips and tricks for starting, running, and optimizing a Facebook advertising campaign:

Step 1: Get Started: Set Goals

Consider exactly what you want your advertising to achieve. Is it more Facebook engagement? Website traffic? Increased online revenue? Each of the above are great goals, but don't set up a page likes campaign with the expectation of a 25 percent increase in web revenue. Discuss your goals and be realistic about possible outcomes.

Consider the budget you have, any current promotions or special events going on in-store and how you can use that information in your Facebook advertising. Running a Facebook only promotion is another viable option to increase interest and engagement.

Step 2: Create Amazing Ads

Similar to other advertising mediums, thought-provoking, attractive ads will greatly increase your chance for success. Facebook ads appear in a myriad of places such as desktop and mobile News Feeds, and down the right hand column. Think about each of these placements when designing your ads so they fit the specifications set out by Facebook.

If you are using advertising to drive clicks to your website, add a call to action button like 'Shop Now' from the feature Facebook provides. You can also add additional call-to-action pieces such as 'Download,' 'Learn More,' and 'Sign Up' to drive engagement.

If you want to drive page likes, use the recommended image size of 1,200 x 444 pixels. Remember that Facebook guidelines dictate that you may not include more than 20 percent text on your image. Verbiage such as - “New store opening on East Blvd. in Charlotte! Like our page for exclusive events and discounts!” - informs customers the action you want them to take.

Step 3: Set Smart Targeting

This step is key. Without smart targeting, you run the risk of blowing through your budget without generating any meaningful results. Facebook gives smart marketers the opportunity to use the data they provide - such as marital status, education level, age, and interests – to drive their advertising. For example, if you are a local jeweler, it makes sense to target females who have already “liked” a national jewelry retailer similar to yours.

Custom audiences is a fairly new feature that allows you to target your existing contacts via Facebook.

This will help you to increase return conversions, get more involved in the buying cycle and provide unique opportunities for your existing customer base.

There are seemingly limitless targeting opportunities with Facebook and the best approach is a layered one.

Step 4: Track, Track, Track

There is not enough to be said about the importance of actively and accurately tracking your advertising. Use the tools Facebook provides such as the conversion pixel and audience insights. If you are driving traffic to your site, make sure you have tracking in place so you can see what actions customers take via Google Analytics.

Step 5: Analyze and Optimize

Installing proper tracking methods will allow you to more accurately analyze your data and optimize your advertising. Perhaps targeting based on education and income just isn't yielding the results you projected. The beauty of Facebook advertising is that you can very easily switch gears and move onto new targeting options. For example, targeting based on life events (engagement, marriage, new home) or adding a similar audience to your custom audience.

The key to this step in continual analysis and optimization. Don't just set it and forget it! Update your ads with new promotions and specials, use smart targeting and creative ads and make Facebook advertising work for you.

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Randy Smith