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    Easy Fixes to Make Your Website Look More Professional

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jun 7, 2018 9:03:00 AM



    A professional website is the hallmark of a professional business.

    But what is “professional,” exactly?

    Merriam-Webster says to be professional is to exhibit a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner.

    Does your website do that? If you’re not sure, the professionalism of your site is probably a little…questionable. That’s okay! Just a few easy tweaks can help you make your site far more professional, and you might not even need any outside help.

    Here are a couple of ways to instantly amp up the professionalism of your website.

    Update Your Imagery

    The images on your website are speaking loudly and clearly about your brand. If they’re blurry, outdated, or amateurish, your business will feel that way, too. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to invest in well-done images for your website. That could mean hiring a photographer to take some great in-house photos or simply buying stock photos from a reputable provider. If you’re not immediately proud of an image, take it down.


    Improve Your Writing

    Contrary to popular belief, visitors to your website are reading what it says. Every visitor might not read every word, but professional sites use a cohesive tone of voice and they don’t rely on bloated, grammatically-incorrect copy. Remember that your site’s message shouldn’t just speak about your brand, it should speak to your (potential) customer’s pain points.


    Consistency Across Pages

    Inconsistent websites are jarring. They don’t create a streamlined experience from one page to the next and they don’t make it easy for users to figure out how to navigate their way around. Consistency is key for sites that care about a customer’s journey through the buying process (and yours should!) Remember that consistency matters everywhere, from the font to the color palette to the length of the  pages themselves. If it’s not adding to your overall brand strategy, it’s detracting from it.


    Optimize for Mobile

    It was big news in 2016 when mobile web usage finally overtook desktop. Today, it’s not just nice for your website to be mobile-friendly, it’s an absolute necessity. Your customers are visiting your site on their mobile devices and if the format is misaligned or the pages are difficult to scroll through, your professional credibility is instantly dinged. If your site’s user experience isn’t seamless, it’s difficult to take what you’re trying to say seriously.


    Add Video

    Over 87% of online marketers now use video. Incorporating video into your website can instantly modernize your brand, and it’s easier than you think. Most online platforms allow you to embed video just as simply as you can add a new picture, and you can actually create great videos yourself. Studies show consumers respond to videos that feel authentic, so don’t get caught up in thinking yours must have high production value to be effective.


    Does making your website feel more professional seem overwhelming? If the very idea of embedding and copyediting feels outside your wheelhouse, it might be time to bring in help. Thankfully, Sync specializes in helping businesses just like yours take an objective look at their websites, then drastically improve them.


    Ready to find out more? Reach out to Sync today to get started.



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