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    "Doesn't Google Prefer Pages that Run AdWords?" SEO Questions Not to Ask

    Posted by Synchronicity on Apr 18, 2018 9:04:00 AM


    It’s tempting to wonder whether paying Google to promote your website on AdWords gives you an advantage when it comes to organic search.

    It’s the age-old question.
    “Doesn’t Google prefer pages that run paid ads?”


    Well…Do They?
    All signs point to no. And not, like, well, we don’t really think so…but as in every Who’s Who of search agrees. Google does not give preference to sites that invest in
    AdWords when it comes to organic rankings.

    Back up. What, exactly, are we talking about? If you’re lost, remember there are two kinds of results displayed when you use Google to perform a search: Paid results and organic results. Paid results from PPC campaigns show up in a separate box at the top of search results; organic results, everything below that box, are free and are determined by what Google thinks will provide the best user experience.

    Declining to pay Google to display PPC ads for specific keywords will not hinder your organic SEO efforts. They’re two separate things. Says Moz, one of the leading SEO think-tanks, “They have a real wall at Google between the paid side and the organic side.”


    What Does Google Say About It?
    Smart thought…go straight to the source, right? In no uncertain terms, Google states clearly that buying paid ads will not help you rank higher organically.

    “Search listings are free, and no one can pay for a better ranking…Running a Google AdWords campaign does not help your SEO rankings, despite some myths and claims.”

    We know. It’s hard to trust. Is Google a reliable source? After all, they’re the ones who stand to profit from your investment in all kinds of search. Well, Google has spent a lot of time (and money) maintaining their position as a leader in search neutrality. Since the site processes nearly 70% of all web searches, it’s important for the future of the company that its searches remain unbiased. Google is – like it or not – the world’s most prolific arbiter of information, and all signs point to the company taking that responsibility seriously.

    So, Why Invest in AdWords at All?
    Another good question. Paid ads are designed to fill in the blanks when your site still isn’t ranking as highly as you’d like through organic SEO efforts. It’s also a good way to get your site in front of an audience that’s hard to reach, or very specific in nature. For small and medium-sized businesses, AdWords is a good option when SEO can’t be updated on the fly, or when seasonality or special offers are important.

    Need help navigating the digital minefield that is search? SEO, AdWords, PPC…if it all still sounds like Greek to you, Sync can help. Reach out to our talented team of search experts today to find out how you can make your website more appealing to Google and in turn, bring in more business.

    It’s not as complicated as you think.


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