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"Does Social Media Really Matter?" SEO Questions Not to Ask

02/16/18, 9:02 AM


Social media and search engine optimization go together hand-in-hand.

At Sync, we get asked by curious clients all the time, “Does social media really matter for SEO?”

Simply put: You betcha.

Social media is important whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, but not for the (exact) reasons you might think. Here’s how it factors into the larger SEO equation, and what you can do to boost your site metrics.

Social Media is Not a Ranking Factor for SEO

If that sounds like Greek, hang on. Ranking factors are the specific algorithmic signals search engines like Google use to “rank” websites in search results. Being optimized for mobile devices, for example, is a well-known ranking factor that improves a site’s SEO visibility.

SEO is not.

Google has been very upfront that social doesn’t directly impact SEO ranking factors, but there’s more to the story.

Social Links are SEO Gold

By now you know that links are the building blocks of your website’s SEO strategy. When people click on your links, share your links, or link back to your site from their own website, search engines know you’ve got something valuable to offer and adjust your position within search results accordingly.

Links that perform well on social media almost always correlate to sites that perform well online. There’s a direct correlation between how useful your social content is to your audience and how useful your website will be to them. Websites with engaged social audiences rank higher in search; it’s not a coincidence.

How Can Your Social Media Presence Improve Your SEO?

Good question. There are plenty of ways you can use social media to boost your SEO standings. The more eyes are on your content, the more likely people are to link to it. Social media is a great way to get eyes on your content. Be sure you’re creating really great content that’s worth sharing!

Click-through rates, that is, the number of people who click through to your actual website from one of your social profiles do directly impact rankings. Creating compelling content with appealing titles and visuals is the best way to get your social content clicked on.

And remember, your brand’s social profiles will rank in search engines! When someone searches your brand name directly, they’re likely to be served your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile, along with any other social profiles Google deems relevant. Make sure those social profiles are up to snuff or you risk alienating potential customers one-by-one. Your website is not the only representation of your brand.

At the end of the day, it’s important not to forget that social channels are search engines, too. People go to social to find out what’s been going on with their friends and family, but they’re also looking for useful information about the brands they care about most. Don’t neglect this important avenue for reaching your audience.

Does your social strategy need a little love? It’s tough to carve out enough time to manage your website, build out your LinkedIn profile, and update your Facebook page. Let Synchronicity do it for you.

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