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Digital Marketing’s Secret Sauce: Client Engagement

01/24/17, 9:56 AM
Alex Kastanas

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A successful digital marketing process is as much about the client as it is about the business. At Sync, we’ve worked with all kinds of clients: the excitedly-involved, the impossible-to-reach, and the “Hey, what’s the Internet, again?”

We love them all. No really, we do!

Each and every client has taught us something about how the digital marketing process works best. Turns out, client engagement is critical when it comes to planning and executing a successful campaign – and beyond!

There’s a reason we spend so much time on the discovery process.
It’s really, really important for us to know what your pain points are, what you’ve been doing to remedy them, and whether or not that’s worked. Guess what? It’s easier for us to garner this information when you’re involved. In an ideal world, we’ll hear directly from clients – preferably in person, but phone calls can suffice! – what they’re looking for, what their goals are, and who their customers are.

No one knows your business better than you. To us, that’s a no-brainer.

After we’ve heard your thoughts and feelings, we like to use our years of experience and know-how to create a customized digital marketing plan just for your business. This includes lots of things: developing Buyer Personas, editing or even rewriting the content on your website, and doing keyword research for paid and organic search. From the outside looking in, we then tell you what we think will bring you the most bang for your buck.

But guess what! Your job’s not done yet.
It’s critical for our clients to trust us. Remember, we’ve got your best interests in mind because when your business succeeds, we all succeed. But we need your feedback, too. Does the new tagline we’ve suggested just feel “off” to you? Maybe you’d like the color scheme for the new site to feel warmer and less clinical? Or perhaps you’ve had bad experiences with Pay-Per-Click ads in the past, and want to try marketing without them. We get it. We’ve got opinions when it comes to our business, too, so we want you to stay involved.

How can YOU be a more engaged client? Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Respond quickly to messages from your web developer if they need new images, want you to approve a blog post, etc. While they’re waiting, your project stalls.
  • Answer the phone when your developer calls. It’s probably important!
  • Stick to the schedule when it comes to your responsibilities to the project. Everything trickles down: if you’re late, someone else will be, too.
  • Trust your developer to guide you in the right direction. Feedback is good, arguing endlessly over a comma is not.
  • Avoid putting too many cooks in the kitchen. One point of contact between your business and the developer is the best way to ensure your message doesn’t get muddled.

Client engagement doesn’t end once that first direct email message or latest social media post goes up. It’s a continuous process and in our case, it’s honed through a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly call with each client, depending on the scope of their campaign. It helps us all keep tabs on what’s going on, talk about future ideas, and it keeps everyone accountable, too.


Make sense? We want to help you succeed.
Call Synchronicity today to find out more about why engaged clients are the best ones, and how they ensure everyone wins.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas