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Digital Marketing: Why You Want Quality Over Quantity

02/10/17, 10:57 AM
Alex Kastanas


The goal of digital marketing isn’t necessarily to build your brand or increase conversions or even to create a bigger footprint online. Successful digital marketing campaigns actually improve customer experience which, in turn, leads to all those other things and more.

Too often, we see well-meaning businesses throwing dollars after dimes, chasing nebulous online marketing yardsticks like “impressions” and “posts per day.” Good digital marketing, like most things, is all about quality over quantity.

What IS Digital Marketing?
Before we talk about the why of digital marketing, let’s talk about the what. Digital marketing is broadly defined as all the activities you undertake online in an attempt to communicate with the public. This can include anything from blog posts to social media to PPC ads to SEO, and actually entails all kinds of one-off activities with cool names like “Native Advertising” and “Affiliate Marketing.” For most businesses, digital marketing is simply an extension of their real-world marketing goals implemented using the technology of the web.

How to Measure Successful Digital Marketing
“Marketing” as a concept is a little subjective. What’s genius to one is confounding to another. Online, we have a unique ability to track views and clicks and sales back to specific marketing efforts, with some gray areas; this allows us to determine what’s working and what’s not. Where it gets tricky is in knowing that all actions are not created equal!

For example, getting 1,000 clicks to your website from a pay-per-click ad isn’t all that useful if no one buys anything. Conversely, getting 40 clicks – 28 of which turn into actual sales - from a well-written blog post that made the industry rounds via Twitter? Now that’s gold. Success isn’t just in the numbers, it’s in the interpretation of them. Doing this well can take years of experience which is why it’s smart to bring in a digital marketing agency to handle your marketing automation software and analytics as your business grows.

Quantity vs. Quality Online
A little of a good thing is nice. Too much of a good thing can actually be… kind of annoying. Consider your own Facebook account: Follow any brands (or people) who post incessantly about things you have zero interest in? Likewise, do you wake up to an Inbox full of promotional emails every morning you simply delete because they’re not relevant to you? As an online marketer, targeting the wrong customers for the sake of a larger audience isn’t just pointless, it can be quite costly.

From your website to your blog to your social media platforms, you want to cultivate the kind of visitors who care about what you say. Remember that digital marketing works because, at its core, it’s a two-way street! You can’t just hammer your customers with promotional messaging all the time or they’ll start to tune you out. You have to offer them something of value – from a well-researched industry white paper to a Pinterest-only coupon – that rewards them for paying attention to you online. It’s QUALITY connections with the right customers you’re looking for, not a vast QUANTITY of meaningless clicks or Likes or visits.



Digital marketing is a complicated beast with a lot of components. It takes time, persistence, and tweaking to get it just right and it looks totally different from one company to the next.

Need help cultivating a digital marketing plan that brings you quality prospects, not just anonymous web surfers? Synchronicity can help. Our team of online experts eats, sleeps, and breathes all things digital and we’re ready to talk.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas