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    4 Digital Marketing Myths (That Are Hurting Your Business)

    Posted by Synchronicity on Aug 10, 2017 10:15:00 AM

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    Has your business invested in a digital marketing plan?

    Whether you’re new to the opportunities digital marketing presents or you just want to fine-tune your online strategy, there are a handful of pervasive digital marketing myths out there that could be hurting your business. Ask yourself: are any of these marketing myths informing my marketing decisions? If so, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

    Myth #1: Lots of visitors = success!

    Visits, impressions, clicks…they’re all just individual metrics that measure the overall impact of a digital marketing campaign. What informed digital marketers know is that it’s not the number of leads you bring in, but the quality. Forty ready-to-buy customers are a lot more valuable than 4,000 eyeballs that have no connection to your brand whatsoever. Great digital marketing campaigns revolve around one goal: bringing in highly-qualified leads.

    Myth #2: My brand doesn’t need “social media.” We’re B2B!

    Here at Sync, we work with a lot of manufacturing companies, many of whom have little to no online presence starting out. Sometimes companies like these hesitate when they hear about a Facebook strategy or Twitter feed…after all, their customers aren’t going to call because of Twitter! They’re right, but they’re looking at social media from the wrong angle. Social media as a component of digital marketing is about branding, SEO, and content curation. Legitimate businesses need to have a social presence to add validity to their brand as well as to connect with a growing cohort of youthful, internet-savvy consumers. The marketplace is changing, and B2B brands must keep up.

    Myth #3: Digital is broad, not personalized.

    It’s true that digital marketing exponentially broadens your exposure in an instant. The foundation of a digital marketing plan always needs to be a clean, professional website – it’s your hub and will serve as the most “general” piece of your marketing campaign. From there, customized content is the spokes that connect you to more specific segments of the market. Good content can actually be incredibly personalized, even on the web. Data analysis is an important first-step so you can know who you’re talking to and what they’re looking before you ever start creating content in the first place.

    Myth #4: Customers don’t make purchasing decisions online.

    There are many steps within the “purchasing funnel.” Unless you have an e-commerce site where people can fill up a shopping cart and order products directly, your customers probably aren’t converting on your website. The point of digital marketing is to drive consumers further down the purchasing funnel so you can convert them the way you do best: on the phone, in person, or after lots of one-on-one meetings. Digital marketing helps inform potential customers about why they need your service, what problems your business solves, and how to get in touch with you.

    Synchronicity is your local digital marketing expert.

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