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Beyond Impressions: Digital Marketing Metrics to Know

07/28/17, 9:25 AM

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“How many visitors came to our website last month?”

It’s a natural question, much like, “How many clicks did we get?” and “What were the impressions on that ad?” But in digital marketing, nothing is as simple as it seems. The metrics that matter are totally dependent on your business’ objectives.

Beyond impressions, clicks, and Likes, which digital marketing metrics should your business be paying attention to?

CVR – Conversion Rate – is the most important digital marketing metric there is. All the visits in the world don’t mean much unless they turn into paying customers. CVR is something you should be monitoring on a page-by-page level, improving your calls-to-action as you go.

Open Rates
If your business is email marketing, open rates (as well as unsubscribe rates) are hugely important. If your open rates are lacking it’s time to reconsider either your audience or the content you’re putting out. Something isn’t synced up.

Bounce Rate
You know how many people visit your website, but do you know how many stay? If someone is on-and-off your site in a matter of seconds, you’re not answering their questions. Maybe your keyword strategy is off or maybe your messaging isn’t consistent from platform to platform. Time to reevaluate.

Location Metrics
Did you know it’s possible to track your site’s visitors by their location? If you’re a primarily local company, your visitors should reflect that. Location metrics can tell you a lot about your keyword strategy, your positioning, and where your branding efforts stand.

Mobile Traffic
How many people who visit your site are doing so using a smartphone or tablet? How are they finding your site, and what are they viewing once they get there? Mobile has officially overtaken desktop as the most popular way people use the internet. Knowing the mobile audience isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must.


Other metrics that matter? Things like ROI, cost-per-acquisition, and rate of return visitors are perennially important. Not sure where to get this kind of information, or what constitutes “good” and “bad” metrics?

That’s where an expert digital marketer comes in.

Synchronicity can help you set marketing goals and analyze the results of your efforts. Digital marketing is a process, and it only works when it’s constantly being evaluated, monitored, and tweaked. If your business could use a little help (and whose couldn’t?), we’re here.

Reach out when you’re ready.

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