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Digital Marketing and Fitness Are More Similar Than You Think

11/28/16, 9:03 AM
Alex Kastanas

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Nowadays, who’s not training for a triathlon, taking part in an outdoor boot camp, or heading to a specific “box” after work for some overpriced dumbbells? Would you scratch your head if we told you that your fitness goals and your digital marketing goals have a lot more in common than you think?

Consistency is Key
From a first-time runner to a lifelong athlete, anyone who’s active knows that consistency is key. It’s impossible to measure results from a one-time workout, and digital marketing’s no different. Every piece of premium content you put out, every website redesign you do, and every SEO overhaul your site incurs is a step in the right direction…but it’s a step. Fitness, like marketing, is all about incremental goals.

Fitness Begets Fitness (and So On)
Remember how hard it was to learn to do a pull-up? Or to run a mile? The hardest steps when it comes to getting fit are the first ones; you’ve got no foundation to work from so you’re starting from scratch. There’s a long way to go, and it takes time! A digital marketing campaign works the same way. If you’ve never done any kind of digital marketing plan for your business, there’s a lot of “low hanging fruit” to be had, but it’s a lot of work to gather it all. Once you put the building blocks of a good marketing plan in place, though, adding to it becomes less and less work each time.

There are No Shortcuts
Ever heard of Lance Armstrong? Yeah, “doping” (both in fitness and online) will get you to the top of the pack quickly, but it’s not sustainable. The most jacked guy in the gym might get a lot of attention at first, but he’s going to burn out and, you know, probably get banned from the gym for his roid-rage. In SEO, particularly, there’s no short way to the top of the rankings unless you’re using “black hat” techniques that will inevitably blow up in your face. Slow and steady wins the race in Google’s eyes, and that’s what should matter most.

Diversifying Your Workouts is Important
We all know someone who does an hour on the elliptical each day but looks as pudgy as ever. They’re not diversifying their workouts enough and their body’s grown accustomed to the routine! Incorporating some strength training, stretching, and interval-training would go a long way to making them more fit overall. Digital marketing isn’t a one-off discipline. There are a lot of facets – content, strategy, paid search, SEO, etc. – to a successful digital marketing plan, and you can’t ignore any of them.


Think of Synchronicity as your personal trainer for digital marketing. We can get you off the couch and into a successful workout routine or we can take you from good to great, competing in fitness competitions! (The analogy’s a little strained, but stay with us…)
The point is, you don’t have to settle for a mediocre digital marketing plan. Our team can help.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas