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    CTA Mapping: What it Means and Why it Matters

    Posted by Synchronicity on Nov 21, 2017 9:01:00 AM


    What is CTA mapping?
    Wait…what is a CTA?

    CTA Mapping is shorthand for “call-to-action mapping.” It’s a crucial component of any online lead generation strategy but it’s often overlooked. Let’s take a deeper glance at what this process has to do with your business.

    First, let’s talk about the Call-to-Action.
    It’s the “CTA.” A call-to-action is just what it sounds like: something that hooks the reader and gives them specific instructions for what to do next. It can be a Call Now! Button, a form to fill out, or sharing button on a video. In a nutshell, it’s anything that calls on your visitor to take an action.

    Every single page of your website should have clear, straightforward call(s)-to-action.

    The Strategy Behind CTA Mapping

    Any call-to-action is better than none, but simply sticking a Contact Us! button into the middle of a webpage generally isn’t enough. CTA Mapping is the strategy of inducing visitors to take action, and there’s a real science to it. CTA Mapping moves prospects further down the purchasing funnel, turning visitors into leads which are then nurtured until they convert into customers. Rinse and repeat.

    A call-to-action is part of the lead nurturing process. Proper call-to-action placement and structure are critical to incentivizing a response.

    Placing Calls-to-Action

    Asking a customer to act at the right time is important. Where a call-to-action should be placed depends on the sales cycle of your target customer. Are they aware of your product or service? Are they evaluating you? Are they just about ready to purchase? The earlier on in the sales process a lead is, the sooner (and more often) you’ll want to ask them to act.

    Structuring Calls-to-Action

    Once you know where to place CTAs, it’s time to think about how. Ask yourself: Would a button work best here? Maybe a pop-up CTA once the reader works their way down the pair? How about a form to request more info at the end of some cliffhanger content? Knowing your audience is half the battle.

    Remember, your CTA map ultimately depends on your content map. Without a plan for content – the kind of content, the subject of content, the schedule for content – you’re throwing darts at the wall. Not only does flying blind make it difficult for you to serve your audience, it also makes it hard to tell what’s working…and what’s not.

    An experienced digital marketer is the key to developing a comprehensive, actionable CTA mapping plan. Remember, calls-to-action are just one component of an overall online marketing campaign. Without them, you’re missing opportunities.

    Not sure how to implement more CTAs?
    We love to plan. Let Sync use data and experience to help you map out success online. It’s what we do.

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