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Building a Digital Marketing Platform & Not Just a Website

11/23/15, 10:18 AM
Alex Kastanas

Integrated-Digital-Marketing-e1424075176878When you first think about building or redesigning a website, what is the first thought that comes to mind? This seems complicated. It’s based around code, which I do not understand. How is this in return going to bring me sales? Where is the line I am supposed to cross from building the website and move into digital marketing?

There is not a line to cross. Digital Marketing should be done from the beginning of building your website.

If you haven’t created your website yet click here to learn where to start with the build first, then we’ll get you to this part of the process.

Informational Website vs. Website Enhanced For Digital Marketing

Demographics & Capturing the Right Audience

When taking on any type of marketing, design or development, you first wantdemographics-graphic to state who you want to reach, who you are doing it for and who you want your users to be. Building for your demographic around capturing an audience is step ONE in creating your website (AKA, marketing platform).

Goal Setting

Next, when building your website that is enhanced for digital marketing, you need to be setting goals for what you want to accomplish with your site. Example:

  • Goal 1: Have users purchase product provided on the site.
  • Goal 2: Have users fill-out a Request for Quote (RFQ).
  • Goal 3: Have users contact you to set up a face-to-face meeting.

If these are your NUMBER ONE, TWO and THREE GOALS, nothing else matters! Your main priority is now to enhance your site around these goals. Once these are defined, you want to define where your site’s “prime real estate” is and simply apply your first goal to that area of the site in a manner that is easily understood by the future users of the site. Next, delineate what the second and third “prime real estate” areas are and add your following goals to these areas.

You do not have to limit yourself to three goals, but you also do not want to overwhelm your users with so many options that they do not know what they’re supposed to do on your website. You don’t want site visitors to not take a wrong direction because they are overwhelmed.

Move Your Users From Arrival to Goalimages

Once your goals have been placed across your site in appropriate methods, you can use the information about your company to push them to accomplish those goals. For example, if your goal is to push your targeted demographic to buy your product online, then every piece of information on your site about the products you sell or what you do should move them from landing on the site to buying your product… tactfully. You do not want to be so sales-like that site visitors feel like they are inside their very own infomercial.

What it Means to Build a Marketing Platform

What does it Mean?

Let me be very straight forward here. Creating a marketing platform means:

  • Your website is created ready to handle qualified traffic and push them to accomplish your goal.
  • Your website is created on the backend ready for you to add in CTAs, write blogs, add landing pages, create lead capture forms, optimize meta data/content, etc.
  • Your website is built around User Experience and everything that meets the buyer personas you previously built.
  • Using a CMS that is highly customizable to your business’s specific needs to help online users reach the goals you set in place.

Although there are other points, when you can say that your site abides by these four key points, you have created a platform/website ready to be used for digital marketing.

Choosing the Right Marketing Tool for the Marketing Platform you Builthubspot-sprocket-logo

Here is another list. This one is numbered! These are the top five marketing software tools I recommend from best to, umm… still good:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Marketo
  3. Pardot
  4. Act-On
  5. Vocus

Each of these tools not only tracks the base analytics like bounce rate, site visits, user flow, etc., but actually takes a deeper dive into tracking like page performance, SEO, keyword performance, traffic sourcing (where your traffic is coming from), email & lead nurturing, and so much more. Simply said, this allows you to look at your entire P2C (Path to Conversion), which will enable to improve and enhance it across the board.

If you would like to learn more about each marketing tool individually, copy the one you would like to learn about, open a new tab, (assuming you are using Chrome because why the hell else would you use anything else. I mean for god’s sake people, stop using Internet Explorer!) and paste the one you copied into the address bar and hit enter. You should be able to find what you are looking for there on Google, where all searches belong.

Finding the Right People to Manage the Marketing Tool you Chose for your New Marketing Platform (Website)

Although anyone can learn to manage the marketing tool you choose to use, not everyone has time. Nor can anyone just learn how to be a phenomenal digital marketer!

Allowing a digital marketing company, like Synchronicity, to augment your marketing efforts and manage the tool, sync-circle-logo-2014create an in-depth campaign, implement all the elements of said campaign, and deliver detailed reporting will allow the people in your marketing department to better do their job and utilize their time.

If you have any questions on how you would like to start your journey through redesigning your site to marketing your company well online, click below!

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas