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8 Effective Tips for Great Blogging

12/25/13, 8:57 AM

Blogging is a great way of gaining much needed targeted traffic for your website. Once customers find out that your website offers authentic content, they will continuously think to come back to your site to read more. They will even share your content on social media sites. However, this is only possible if your blogs have relevant information. Here are a few tips on blogging:

Avoid Random Information

The main reason why people do not prefer certain blogs is because they are random. Your blog should have a specific topic or a field that it talks about.

Plan Your Blog

A great way to make sure your blog is a standout is to plan for it. Start with a topic that is in accordance with the field of your blog. Relating one post to the next is a good idea. Make sure you are not repeating information in the process.

Define the Blog’s Purpose

Define a purpose for your blog. Are you simply aiming to give out useful information or attract customers? Once you figure this out, you should write accordingly.

Use Intro Is the Key

Your introduction paragraph should be engaging. The introduction is what will either compel the visitor to keep reading or skip the entry.

Consult Other Blogs

A great way to gain knowledge about blogging in your field is to read other blogs. You will get a good grasp on the wiring styles of other writers. Once you figure this out, incorporate that style into your own.

Create a List of Topics

Before deciding what to write make a list of topics that you think would suit the type of blog you have. Always have a couple of topics at hand. Even carry a small notebook with you. When a topic idea comes to mind, write it down.

Keep the Word Count Low, Often

Avoid writing lengthy articles. Nowadays people prefer information in bite sized pieces. Make sure your content in engaging and short. You should also weave in the occasional long post that goes 600+ words.

Create Catchy Headlines

To get the perfect heading you should write multiple headings for a single blog. Once you are done with writing the blog compare the headings against the content. Use the one that suits the blog the best.

Keep these tips in mind and your blog should be a big a hit!

Randy Smith