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    6 Things to Avoid in Your 2019 Digital Marketing Plan

    Posted by Synchronicity on Mar 5, 2019 9:16:00 AM



    Digital marketing is critical to succeed in the marketing world. Forward-looking companies are using digital marketing to reach out to customers, increase brand awareness, and save costs. Although digital marketing offers brands countless opportunities for growth, businesses should use it carefully. A simple mistake can tarnish your reputation and cause financial loss. You should avoid certain mistakes and missteps that ruin marketing campaigns. Below are six things to avoid in your 2019 digital marketing plan.

    1. Failing to set goals

    This is the number one culprit for failed digital marketing plans and campaigns. When you fail to set goals, you increase the likelihood of failure. Why? Because you don't have objectives to drive your marketing plan. How will you know whether the plan is a success or not? How will you know which areas need improvement? The first thing when drafting a digital marketing plan is to set goals and objectives. What do you intend to achieve? Maybe you want to generate leads or improve customer engagement. In 2019, strive to set goals for your digital marketing plan, and you will be amazed by the results.

    2. Failing to test

    Digital marketing plans are not a "set it and forget it" thing. You need to evaluate the plan regularly to identify what is working and what is not. When you fail to test, you leap into conclusion about why the plan is performing or not without evidence. Do all the legwork and monitor your plan's analytics frequently.    

    3. Ignoring Data

    Charts, graphs, and reports might look dull, but they are valuable assets in a business. Do not make the mistake of ignoring data in your digital marketing plan in 2019. Take into account the data offered by your websites and social media platforms. For example, Facebook and Twitter provide comprehensive analytics about your audience. You can see the people who engaged with your posts, the likes and dislikes on your page, and any other interaction. Also, you can see which age group or gender interacts most with your posts and page. Use this data to improve your digital marketing strategy and guide future marketing plans.  

    4. Jumping into the Latest Trends Recklessly

    In digital marketing, you need to stay current with industry trends and technologies. This gives you a higher chance of success and helps you attain a competitive advantage over rivals. Nevertheless, there's a difference between staying current and jumping into trends recklessly. Just because a particular technology is trendy does not mean that you should automatically embrace it. Before implementing any trend in 2019, make an effort of identifying and understanding how it will affect your digital marketing strategy.     

    5. Targeting the Wrong Audience

    Many digital marketing plans make this mistake. Regardless of how well your plan is calibrated, it will fail if you target the wrong audience. Even if you draft a million dollar strategy and you don't hit the right audience, it won't bring good results. In digital marketing, the audience is vital. You have to know your audience and their preferences so that you can reach them. Identify who your audience is, its pain points, the content that appeals to them, and what they are looking for. This way, you will design compelling campaigns to target them.   

    6. Having Unrealistic Expectations

    Another common problem among brands is having unrealistic expectations for the digital marketing plan. Firms devise impracticable and unachievable objectives on returns and their timelines.

    Imagine an organization aiming to obtain 100,000 users in the first year of their website launch with an 80% lead conversion rate. This would mean of the 100,000 users visiting the site, 80,000 became leads. This is an unrealistic expectation as most agencies strive for a 2% lead conversion rate. Therefore, it is essential to set realistic expectations and acknowledge that digital marketing does not produce success overnight.   

    In the current digital era, companies are turning to digital marketing to increase brand awareness, cut marketing costs, and increase sales. However, some organizations make certain mistakes that compromise their ability to run successful digital marketing campaigns. Knowing the major things to avoid will save your business money, time, and headaches and make your plan fruitful and profitable.

    For more information on implementing a successful digital marketing strategy, contact us today.   

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