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6 Things Start-Ups Should Consider When Launching a New Business

03/14/16, 10:48 AM

typing.pngWe’ve all had it at some point in our professional career. The never-ending itch to take “that idea for a business” you’ve been thinking about for years and make it a reality. The problem is there’s so much to consider before making the brave plunge into the unknown, and with all of the information available out there, it can be more than overwhelming.

Here’s a list of six things to consider to help get you started on the right path.

1. Give Your Business Name Some Serious Thought

A business name usually won’t make or break a business, but think about what you want the name to say about your company and the product or service you are selling.

In this day and age, it seems any group of consonants cleverly put together can pass for the name of a tech company, but being clever for clever’s sake may not be your best route. Most likely you will be stuck with this business name for a good while so spend the time to come up with one you really like, and don’t be afraid to test it out with trusted friends and colleagues who will give you honest feedback. 

You can also reach out to branding agencies, like Synchronicity, that have experts on staff to assist in your efforts.

2. Your Unique Selling Proposition

Otherwise known as your USP. What makes what you have to offer customers different than what, let’s say 10, other companies in your same sector are offering?

synchronicity-web-design-charlotte-nc-2015-500x333-1.jpgIt’s easy to tell yourself that what you have to offer is better than what your competitors are offering, but getting your customers to believe it and make decision to buy from you instead is what will separate you.

If you have to go into a long explanation about your product and about why it’s unique or different, then your USP probably isn’t as unique as you think. Keep it brief and really focus on why it is you’re bringing this product or service to market in the first place.

3. Your Website

Believe it or not 50 percent of new businesses don’t have websites.

Probably the first thing a person will do after speaking with you about your business is go their smart phone or computer and look up your website. Imagine if you didn’t have one? You are missing out on an opportunity to not only tell your story to potential customers, but to tell your story to potential investors too.

Getting a professionally branded website built should be on your short list of tasks to have completed when launching your start-up. 

4. Define Your Customers

leads.jpgHave you done the necessary research to define your target market for your products or services?

Sending out questionnaires, using social media and doing focus groups are just a few ways you can start putting together information to develop what we call your buyer personas. Remember, the more defined your potential customer base is, the better chance you will have of reaching success sooner rather than later.

And always keep in mind, you can’t be something to everyone. 

5. How Will You Market Your Business?

Yes, marketing is an expense. Actually, that’s not true. Marketing is an investment and should be seen as such when it comes to the success of your start-up. 

Start thinking about your website, social media, blog, press releases, and email marketing as tools you can use to begin marketing your business to your target customers from the inception of your start-up. Remember, your website, if marketed correctly, is a 24/7 sales machine for you and will more than pay for itself in generating qualified leads for you to convert into loyal customers.

6. Building Your Team

You might be going it alone to start your business, but having a plan in place as to how you will add employees as you grow is very important. At the very least, map out from the beginning what kind of additional staff you might need to hire as you hit your 6, 12 and 18 month goals.  The last thing you want to have happen is being caught flat-footed with no plan when that growth spurt hits.    

Get Your Start-Up off the Ground!

synchronicity-web-design-and-digital-marketing-charlotte-nc.pngWith a deep experience developing brand identities, created lead generating websites, and building/implementing digital marketing campaigns for businesses and companies nationwide, Synchronicity can help you create a working strategy where you will see results impacting your bottom line.

To learn more about Synchronicity, visit our website or call 866-397-7962 to speak with us directly. Let us help you connect with your customers online!


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Brett Stern