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5 Web UX Principles Manufacturers Need to Know

09/06/17, 9:19 AM


User experience (UX) is one of the primary focuses of quality website design. The way a customer, client, or vendor experiences a website can have a huge impact on their willingness to buy. Your site’s UX says a lot about your brand…what is yours saying?

For manufacturing businesses, website UX is particularly important. Great manufacturing websites are designed intentionally, with industry-specific best practices in mind. Sync has built dozens of successful manufacturing websites – here are five user experience principles we want manufacturers to know.

  1. Ease of Navigation

    Manufacturing businesses can be very complex. Most manufacturing clients have more than one audience in mind when building a website. Vendors, end-users, B2B partners: A great website must be easily navigable for anyone who lands there to ensure a low bounce-rate. Streamlined navigation, scrollable (read: mobile friendly!) pages, and a robust sitemap are integral to an intuitive user experience.
  1. Call to Action

    Understanding what a website wants you to do is what visitors are looking for. Is a site giving me information to compare products? Does the site want me to call in to speak to an expert? Does it want me to browse products and order online? For manufacturers, calls to action must be pronounced and clear; for the most part, the manufacturing purchasing funnel is closed offline which makes it even more important to move site visitors in that direction.
  1. Great Photos

    It should be clear from the second a visitor lands on a manufacturing website what kind of products and/or services the company provides. The best way to do that? Pictures! And not just stock photography: high-res images of specific items, machinery, and/or facility. Great photos are especially important for manufacturing sites that host eCommerce platforms where customers can purchase “sight-unseen.”
  1. Simplicity + Clarity

    All over the web, sites are moving in a cleaner, simpler direction. This is purely based on user experience – people don’t typically look to business websites for longform content, they scan them to find relevant information like sectors, services, capabilities, and contact information. Resist the urge to turn your manufacturing website into a repository for every bit of information your business has gathered over the course of 50 years. Online, simpler is always better.
  1. Responsive Design

    Responsive design is imperative for all business websites. “But my manufacturing customers aren’t on mobile!” you say. Think again! Over half of all internet searches now take place on a mobile device meaning your site should look – and flow – just as well on a phone as it does on a desktop. Responsive design is also a critical component for improving your site’s search engine rankings.

Synchronicity specializes in modern, user-friendly manufacturing websites. We got our start in the manufacturing industry back in the early days of the web; a lot has changed, but the importance of user experience hasn’t.

Want to discuss how you can make your site better? We’re ready when you are.

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