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    5 SEO Must-Haves for Every Page of Your Website

    Posted by Randy Smith on Apr 3, 2017 9:18:00 AM

    5 SEO Must-Haves for Every Page of Your Website.jpg

    You know your website needs to be “optimized” to get found by search engines, but do you know how? SEO is a hugely important component of any successful digital marketing campaign, and it’s more straightforward than you think. Of course, SEO best practices vary from site to site, but there are a few must-haves nearly every website needs.

    Here are five ways you can improve SEO on every page of your website.

    1. Title Tags
      Title tags are arguably one of the most important items on a webpage. These HTML elements should be about 50-60 characters (not words!) in length and are what shows up as a clickable “title” in search results. They should be clear, contain keywords, and invite clicks!

    2. Site Content
      The body content on a webpage is critical to conveying what the page is about to search engines. Engines are really good at discerning useful content from bad content and they’re looking for info that supplies a demand and is linkable within search results.

    3. Responsive Design
      Site design doesn’t just improve customer experience, it improves search rankings. Google has been penalizing sites that don’t have ‘responsive design’ (i.e. don’t shift to look good on mobile) since all the way back in 2015!

    4. Image Optimization
      Does your website have images? They should be optimized, too. Image file names should contain alt-tags with target keywords (i.e. “dog_groomer_Atlanta.jpg”) and those same keywords should be part of the alt image text. Too complicated? That’s what an SEO professional is for!

    5. Good URLs
      URLs – the actual web addresses of each page of your website – need to be optimized. These “permanent links” should contain less than 150 characters and, ideally, have keywords separated by hyphens. They shouldn’t contain long strings of numbers or be an unreadable mish-mosh of letters.


    Every site’s SEO needs are different. Some websites need a complete overhaul of their links, page structure, and sitemap…others just need a little on-page tweaking to better appeal to search engines. A holistic SEO campaign ties in with the rest of your digital marketing efforts, from producing content to paying for ads.

    Need help with SEO basics for your website? Synchronicity has your back. Give our team of digital experts a shout today to get started.

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