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5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Isn't Working (A Helpful Link Resource)

Posted by Synchronicity on Sep 14, 2018 9:03:00 AM


What is Your SEO Strategy?

If you’re pounding away at the SEO game without a strategy, there’s your first blunder. SEO must be driven by metrics. Don’t try to rank for terms you’ve no hope in attaining. That means avoid broad, high competition keywords. There’s a time and place to cast your stones into the “big fish” pond of SEO, but if you’re not pulling outrageous numbers at this point, you’re not ready yet.


And that’s 100% okay.


There are effective SEO strategies you can leverage at each step of your website’s development. Figuring out which tactic is the right play for your website’s stage of development is the trick in making everything click. (We can make it work for you.)


For an in-depth analysis of your current SEO “fitness” check out our free SEO audit.


Throughout this article, we’ve culled some helpful resources to help you remedy any of the following five SEO mistakes you may be making! Our first round-up of reference articles will help you define an SEO strategy– or at least get going in the right direction.


What’s an SEO Audit, and Why Do I Need One?


SEO is a Long Game Strategy – But You Still Need to Play


Do I Really Need to Conduct Keyword Research to be Successful?

1. Your Website Is Dated

When was the last time you gave your website a face-lift? If a couple of years have passed, it’s probably time. Best practices in website design are constantly evolving on an annual basis. Failing to keep up with the curve will contribute to tanking traffic metrics. Here are some resources to get you started thinking about your website redesign:


Easy Fixes to Make Your Website Look More Professional


How Often Should You Redesign Your Website


What is "Responsive Website Design" and Why Does it Matter?

2. Your Website Is Slow

Does your website load within two seconds? Three’s okay too. But anything longer than that, and your SEO rankings will start to lower. Website speed is one of the most overlooked measurables when striving for the best SEO rankings. Brush up on your technical know-how and speed your website up!


20 Ways to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion


15 Tips to Speed Up Your Website


22 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Website By 70% In Just 45 Mins

3. Your Content Needs a Pick-Me-Up

Be honest. Are you proud of the blog articles you’ve written? Do you take your time to make sure they’re the very best they can be? Because if you don’t, your blog’s got no chance. There are way too many bloggers out there putting their all into their website content. If you can’t match their vigor– or at least produce valuable articles, your SEO strategy will be muted at best. If your content isn’t engaging, isn’t teaching your readers something new, or isn’t the #1 authority on the subject matter, you need to step up your content strategy.


How to Create Great Blog Content That Specifically Targets Your Audience


Website Content Do's and Don'ts


Tip: Make Sure Your Web Pages Offer Value Content

4. What’s Your Social Media Game Like?

You are publishing all of your written content on your company’s social media accounts, right? Are you remembering to promote that same content over several months? If not, you’re wasting an opportunity to re-purpose content. A good rule of thumb is to schedule your blog content at the time of its publishing, and a couple times throughout the coming months. And guess what? If you’ve written something timely, why not promote it more than once? Check out the best times to schedule your updates. All social media platforms have varying peak hours– optimize for them.


3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression on Social Media


What You Need to Know About Instagram for Business


The Importance of Having a LinkedIn Presence For Your Company

5. How’s User Engagement?

User engagement is the metric Google cares about the most when it comes to SEO ranking. Engagement is proof your readers love your content. Period. Are you asking questions throughout the body of your content? Are you inviting your audience to share their voice and opinions? If not, you may be missing out! Here are some of the best articles on increasing user engagement:


User Engagement is the Holy Grail of Digital Marketing


11 Ways To Dramatically Boost User Engagement On Your Blog


8 Ways to Significantly Increase Blog Engagement

Start Ranking with Synchronicity

Did you know if your website is relatively new it will take longer to rank? It’s not your fault– you did nothing wrong, but the lifespan of a domain plays a crucial role in initial rankings. If your website is only a year or so old, don’t give up! Your rankings will steadily increase if you continue doing everything right.


But, do you really know how to do everything right? We do, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Need some measurables? Check out how we helped these five clients rank. 

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