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5 Reasons to add Fresh Content to your Website

01/20/13, 8:08 AM

Websites with fresh unique content are search engines’ best friends: they always end up at the top of the search results, provided that their content is also relevant and of good quality. Because of Google’s recent changes, to their algorithms, they are giving preference to websites frequently updated.

  • Search engine crawlers will visit your website more frequently, meaning that your new content will be indexed quicker, possibly before that of the competition.
  • Your website will gain authority, provided that the fresh content is relevant to the mission of your website.
  • Your website will be perceived by both search engines and users as a useful resource, and will consequently be ranked higher and referred to more often.
  • When social functions are enabled on your website, social media users will be more likely to share your content with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which will result in a popularity boost, and possibly in a higher search engine ranking.
  • Your users will return to your website more frequently to check the latest content you’ve added.

Randy Smith